They Said I Couldn't Get Pregnant

Since I was born with the bladder defect epispadias and extrophy all my dr's have been saying since birth I wouldnt be able to have kids.
I went to the dr about a yr maybe a little more ago with really bad pelvic pain, she said "you're uterus had fallin into your cervix, you'd need surgery on it to become pregnant, but even then I dont think you're body would be able to take it. It could harm you or the baby" so I wasnt going to have the surgery in fear of the consequences. I got medication and went home. Then at random I started to feel the same pain and went to the e.r. They said I had a u.t.i. I asked if they could check my uterus because it felt the same when it "fell" in fear it had fallen further maybe...
They said it was fine. Shocked.. I replied.. "Fine? I thought it was broken and in my cervix."
They told me that cant happen my cervix is part of my uterus.
So i got an appointment with the gyno. she checked me and said my uterus seemed fine to her but she was gonna send me to the hospital for a tubal pregnancy test.
I instantly knew i was pregnant.
my boyfriend outside in the car. I out to sit in the front my mom driving. I tell them I need to go the the hospital for the test.
Everyone shocked... thought you couldnt get pregnant they said..
me too.. but i guess my uterus is fine. so i went to get out of the car. My boyfriend got out to get in front (having to go to work, he couldnt come in with me) hugs me with concern. "what are you gonna do in there?"
Um.. see if im pregnant lol..
"ok, I love you.. he says very softly.
I go in and i get blood drawn. Im slowly starting to cry.
I wait the hour for the test to come back. the whole time crying and pleading to whatever god may be real.
the woman comes in and says well.. you're 6 weeks pregnant.
..... "What?" I say in complete shock. still lost in my head wondering if this all has really just happened.
"yup, we're sending you to the ultrasound, congratulations"
I call my boyfriend I know he's home now about to go to work.
me still crying...
"what happened? what'd they do? why are you crying?"
"I'm six weeks pregnant"
...... silence...
"you need to say something?"
"I know you're shocked I am too, but i really need you to say something"
"are you ok? Is the baby ok?
"im going to get an ultrasound, but they said everything seems fine so far."
"ok, im gonna call my boss call me back in five minutes"
I hang up.. still crying,. hoping for a girl instantly. still in denial that this could even happen to me..
he calls me back
"did you call out?"
"well i think that was the plan but i just told him you were pregnant."
"lol ok.. I'll be home soon with a picture and more info."
"ok i should be out in just a couple hours"
"i love you.."
"love you too"

I'm now almost 18 weeks and couldnt be more happy. The baby is fine. I am 10x better than ever :)
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Congrats dear

What a lovely Christmas present that is going to be when she comes<br />
<br />
<br />

Congratz~! Very good news indeed. Hope you and the baby the best.

good, congratulations