Mini Bluemello?

Baby baby baby!

I'd like to announce to you all that I am indeed... NOT PREGNANT!!!



Mello Mello 26-30, F 25 Responses May 18, 2008

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Hey I was just about to start knitting baby clothes.... Wow!

I'm just making sure ya'll are in good health. See!! you need your daily exercise. Get that heart rate up!!! :)

I hope no one dies.... That would be bad...

i think my heart stopped there for a minute. thx mello ;)

It better be temporary or I will make you pay Bobbert Frost!!!!

I'm going to name it Jodie Kitlumel Windfrost.

Odie.... You hush or you'll be sporting a new haircut.

Hehehehehe. This was supposed to be a nice prank on him, and he didn't even read the group name. Lol.

It's turned out to be a better prank on all our friends. hehe.

I love you all!!!!

I won't make a habit of crying wolf. :P

You had me in too. My cheeks split open with the smile.

LOL, that's one hellova way to wake your man!

Hehehehe. I think, in all seriousness, I need to share a last name with Blue before even thinking about a baby. :)

ROFLMBO! THIS is the BEST AFTER April's Fool prank I've heard yet!! ;)

I like your sense of humor too Quirky!!!

Blue says I'm not funny... :(

*hides behind Blue*

Oh wait... That won't work will it? Drat!!!


Blue, you wouldn't pull a prank on a little pregnant lady, would you?

It will be when you least expect it too.

I'm coming after you soon too.

Be very afraid.

Diabolical.... oh no.... *hides under the blankets*

Haha!!! Blue promised revenge...

His pranks are kinda scary... lol... I'm a bit scared of what his mind will think of to get me back.

Hehehehehehehe. I had to. It was just too perfect of a joke. :P

I love ya'll!

OMG Mello!!!! You totally had me there!!!! I was getting ready to send gifts!!!! LOL

Remind me to tell Stratos that he can now shoot *ALL* fishies with rubber bands!!!! LMAO

Mello.. Of course you are gonna name the child Experience for the first name and Project for the middle in honor of where you met your man.

Funny Mello. Poor BG.. I feel for you BG!!!! You are gonna have to get a better toe hold on that bed post next time lol

You'll pay for this..


I gotta say, you are one BAD had me really wound up there...I was convinced until I read your comments..

Be careful what u wish for, you may very well get it one day...*laughs*


haha. Yes.. Awww I kinda want one. Not now though...

I couldn't imagine telling anyone else first...

He, of course would be the first to know IF it were true. :) Oh man... the look on his face.... hahahhaahaha I have it in my mind.

Hahahahahahahaha!!! I just had to. :P

Blue is going to have a heart attack if he sees I joined this group...