...and Can't Fit Anything

:( all my jeans are too small or they fit around my waist but are so big around my legs they could pass for parachute pants >_<

...the only thing really great about this is that my boobs have gotten huge and i'm only in my 3rd almost 4th month. Not looking forward to the part where my boobs go back to normal but I have to work off almost all the baby weight :P oh well, I guess being able to hold that precious bundle of joy in my arms will be worth it.
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

lol i know what you mean. im more excited of my boobs growing lol. but i just made 4 months 2 days ago. cant wait to find out what im having and when the baby starts to kick ! congrats

I'm in my 4th month and having the same problems! My pants don't fit and the Preg pants don't yet for right either and my shirts don't make me have a cute belly just make me look fat but I've got quite a roundness starting just doesn't fit anything yet either... I'm right there w you!

lol, finally someone who understands. I have one dress that makes my belly look cute and actually like a pregnant belly, the rest just make me look like a chunky girl with some perky boobs.

At least yours look perky mine just pop out of everything and look squishy even though they're getting full &amp; uncomfortable lol