A Lot Of Growth

I'm pregnant now for about 15 weeks, and i'm experiencing a lot of growth. Especially in my breasts, i used to have a quite large size, but they've grown very very much in only 15 weeks. Hope they don't keep this pace till birth..
But my belly goes along well, and i like the feeling of it protruding forward:)
Lisannee Lisannee
18-21, F
8 Responses May 19, 2012

I'll bet you look amazing...

congratulations, pregnant women are the best

I know what u mean, im getting so big! I tried to add u 2 my circle, but your profile is blocked. Can u add me?

I bet u look so sexy too !!!!

You'll probably think I'm weird, but if I was having sex with you I'd probably pay more attention to your growing belly and *****

I`m sure ur so normal, you will soon hit the crest, & will begin to enjoy the way they feel & get u alot of attention !!

same with me. except i never had much of breast so this pregnancy has helped in that category :) but i am currently 17 weeks and 2 days preggo. i think my belly grown over night around 15 weeks as well. this is my first pregnancy and its actually going by very smoothly but it seems as though its take forever lol. feel free to add me

Oh my, just how big have they gotten as of recent? <br />
<br />
Tho growing during your terms is expected, there has been some cases of abnormal growth, so don't be too worried =]