37 Weeks Pregnant

I am 37 weeks pregnant with my second little girl. Her name will be Skylar Emma and I am excited to have another little girl. It hasn't been the smoothest of pregnancies. I have gone through my share of all-day morning sickness, pain, blood pressure issues, etc. but regardless it is exciting to give my daughter a little sister.

My daughter is almost 23 months old and is and has been the best child that I could ever ask for. She has been sleeping through the night ever since she was 2 weeks old, teething never bothered her, we only had one allergy scare and it wasn't even that bad, and she has been the biggest angel. With that said, I am terrified that she may become jealous of the new baby. Has anyone ever had 2 children this close in age before?

insecureandtroubled insecureandtroubled
May 22, 2012