This is my first post on here, so i won't make it that long. I am currently pregnant with my first child. I am super excited about that. My nervous are up and down, I am happy and moody and sometimes both. I am always hungry and always peeing (laughs, seriously, like every 5 minutes.) I welcome all to add me, new on here. Just looking to meet new people and have fun.
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add me please sexy...

congratulations, please add me

Congrats! I found out recently too. And I'm hungry and way moodier, and my peeing is out of control.

hi, my names neeky. i am currently pregnant w/my first too and experiencing the same thing. your welcome to add mee

Yea I'm pregnant too but this is my 2nd but I didn't experience alot of what you are talking about but am totally know what you're going throughright now! And I love to talk pregnancy & babies too :)<br />
( Ill add you )