I Think I Have To Have An Abortion :'(

I just finished crying. I told my mom that i am pregnant, and basically she told be I should have an abortion. I am so scared. My boyfriend & I made plans on raising this child. I'm
18 and my mom said i should go to college. I know I can still go even having a child. After telling my bf, he was very supportive saying I could do anything I want to do. He said that maybe I should have an abortion to better myself, make our relationship stronger so we can both move out our parents house and raise our kids. I'm just so heartbroken, I don't want to have an abortion but I understand what everyone is saying. I hope he doesn't hate me :(
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You are in control of your own life and you can make your own choices. But you need to make an informed decision. Babies cost a lot. They take a lot of time and energy. <br />
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I had an abortion when I was 19. No one wants to have an abortion. No one goes out expecting they will have an abortion. If I hadn't had that abortion then, I would not be in the position I am now with a loving boyfriend, buying our own home, I have a great education and a great job and we have enough money, love, and energy to give this child a great life. I would have loved that other child and done my best for it. I knew that keeping that child would be the worst thing I could do for it. Having an abortion gave me a chance to build my life so I could become a good mother.<br />
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You can make your own decision, but you need to know that children of teen mothers have higher teen pregnancy rates, are more likely to be abused, more likely to drop out of school, more likely to be incarcerated, more likely to live in poverty, and the scariest statistic is that they're more likely to have health problems. You have to be prepared for the possibility of a child with a serious illness. Having a child is serious business, and you need to make sure you are truly ready for that commitment.<br />
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If you need anything, you can inbox me.

Thank you so much for sharing that. This really did make a big impact. Thank you again

I'm glad I could help :)

Your mother is right.

Family always have to have their say, this is why people sometimes do things they need never do. You make the decision, be strong against them and you will know what is right for you, not anyone else.

"My boyfriend & I made plans on raising this child. (...) I know I can still go even having a child."<br />
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Don't waste those plans. It's not the end of the world, you can go to college or leave it for a while and go, when your baby is grown. <br />
Abortion can't make your relationship stronger. You might regret doing this and rather break up.<br />
I'll pray for you.

Thank you so much

You don't HAVE to have an abortion. It's up to you and your boyfriend,--not your mom. Your aren't 15, after all. You do what is right for YOU!

Thank you so much

Do what you think is best for you and your baby, don't let anyone force you into having an abortion, good luck & if you needa talk to anyone message me

It sounds like you are very strong and young person with many dreams for your life.<br />
Being pregnant is a very special event in life. I feel having a baby will bring alot of joy <br />
as well as alot of work. My advice is to get some support and enjoy the many joys of <br />
having a child and still working towards your goals. Best of luck, lonelydeb

Thank you so much