Pregnant and Tired

I am 7 months pregnant and I am constantly tired. Its a good thing that I am getting a baby out of this otherwise this would be so totally depressing.
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I think the doctors and other women forget to tell you that pregnancy is exhausting. Especially subsequent pregnancies. Think about it this way: Your body is busy creating a whole other human being. It's hard work! I'm 20 weeks this Friday and I feel dead to the world about four days per week.

I am 9 months pregnant, due in 22 days. Im sore, tired, and everything hurts. Almost there!

Yea, I am not quite 5 months along yet but between this pregnancy and my 3 year old and the other children I care for, I am exhausted early in the morning until nap time which I think I usually fall asleep much quicker than my child and by the time bedtimes rolls around, it becomes earlier every night!

At the end of a third pregnancy. I'm way too big and sleeping in nursing bras so my daughter can nurse at night. I'm too big to cradle her anymore so she just goes in and lifts me out while sitting up. She's pretty cute. Am wanting this baby out so my belly and breasts can calm down

I am due at the end of april and haven't stopped throwing up since I concived

It's cool to be tired when your pregnant it's the way your body prepares for the labor congradulations and good luck

hhmmm this was last year... need an update please...

My doctor told me that it takes atleast a year for your body to get back to normal after having a baby. (hormones etc) Be good to yourself, have a nap, bath, etc. Good luck, I'm sure you'll have a gorgeous baby!

I am nearly 6 months pregnant and am always feeling tired. I have a seven year old daughter who is very excited about this baby but she is having to adjust to my moods and lack of motivation. I battle depression and have been having problems at the moment within my relationship with the babies father. I get very teary but look forward to our little bundle of joy. My daughter helped me through my depression when she was born so with any luck, this one will have the same wonderful effect. Congratulations to you and I wish you all the best. Take care.

You think you are tired now, wait till you have to chase the little guy/girl down. All the little giggles will make up for it though, trust me, and congrats.<br />
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The husbands lose sleep during the pregnancies too from all the ranting the have to be put through, lol. **runs away**.

I can identify with that! I was pregnant ALL THROUGH 2 pregnancies! I even spent my work lunch hour sleeping! My body energy increased after the babies were born, but then when baby comes, all that renewed energy is spent on adjusting to the new little bundle! lol.