37 Weeks.

My names katie and i'm currently 37 weeks pregnant with my first child i'm having a boy and hes the most amazing thing in my life. me and his father are still together we have been for 3 years. i get alot of grief over being 19 and pregnant but our son wasn't planned but he is a blessing to say the least.
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Don't ever feel discouraged! I had been married for a week when I found out my husband and I were 9 weeks along! I lost all of my friends due to them thinking I got married because I was pregnant. After I had her, it totally changed my life. I've never loved anything more and none of the looks or comments mattered anymore. You can do this!!<br />
<br />
Let me know if you need any tips, o went a little crazy and learned everything there was to know about pregnancy, labor, all the compiling websites etc :)

omg, same here. im 21 weeks and 19. im having a girl though. me <br />
& my babys father are still together as well and this pregnancy wasnt planned but we're very excited. it does get stressful just wondering if your going to be a great mom and other stuff but all you can do is do your best and make your baby your first priority. &i have my fears as i get closer to the end though lol but i know i have people supporting me none the less. i wish i was 37 weeks so i can see my baby lol but i will prolly miss my belly lol.