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monday i'll be 6 months preggo. I'm so excited ! That will leave 3months left. Im kinda nervous as well, i mean I'm really gonna be a teen mom. Thats crazyy. & Although its amazing watching my belly grow & the baby moving, but i cant wait till this pregnancy thing is over with. I wanna get back to my regular size & meet the love of my life (my baby). Time is really flying by. I remember when i was just 12 weeks wondering why my pregnancy felt longer than others and now I'm almost 6 months in two days.
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Congratulations on the baby, in 21 and having my first baby. I'm 34 weeks as of Saturday. Being pregnant is def a beautiful thing but I'm so tired of it I feel like I've been pregnant for forever. I'm ready to have this little girl but I'm terrified at the same time. My husband won't be here for the delivery so I'm doing this all alone and it's crazy scary..I hope all goes well for you and that you enjoy your pregnancy, mine has been full of heart burn gas and acid reflex Lol

Awe congrats. I wish I was 34 weeks lol. You only got a couple of weeks left and I know I would be terrified undergoing childbirth on my own. I hope my bf will be there too. Why your husband won't be there he's in the military or something ? And lol I haven't had any Huron burn but gas , def lol. Hope it goes well. Keep in touch and tell me how it goes

Yes my husband is military, he's in the navy, ppl kept telling me pregnancy gets better, maybe for them but most certainly not for me Lol. I hope your pregnancy goes well. What are you having.

But it does get better. Well it started off great for me. To say its my first pregnancy it's going well

Mines too. So that means they can't come when you give birth !?? Omggg.

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