Alone And Pregnant

i am currently 33 weeks pregnant with my second child. I went through the first pregnancy without a partner and so I was really apprehensive about having a second child. Now 8 years later i find myself in the same boat. I thought I found a loving partner who would support me, especially since he knew first hand how the first pregnancy went. He assured me he would be there and that we would always be together. But about 4 months into my pregnancy he decided to leave and since then has not really shown me much support. It really hurts to see him moving on with his life while i am stuck here doing all the hard work. He treats me so differently now and it's like a power play for him, especially since he knows I love him. I feel so alone and I cry myself to sleep mostly every night. My only comfort is knowing that all this is temporary and my daughter's arrival is coming very soon. I just hate to have to do it alone again....
oct25newmom oct25newmom
26-30, F
Sep 7, 2012