I Need Some Advice!

i am 19 years old i have been dating my best friend for a year and 3 months. we have been close friends for 3 years and he was just shipped of to Texas for airforce BMT. i am 9 weeks pregnant we found out together and he is very happy and excited for our little one to come, sad that he won't be here with me to find out if its a boy or girl. he will be gone for 8 1/2 for basic training then i will see him on graduation(fingers crossed). then he has 96 days of tech school. well i just am nervous and that i am alone in this situation without him or have rarely any contact. my family and i are not very close and they are not that happy i am pregnant. while his family are excited which i feel is kinda apart of their culture that they have kids at a young age ( they are cambodian ) which i'm pretty curious about. you see i am white and his first girlfriend that was introduced to his family and they loved me from day one so i'm not sure what they think. but i need some advice how to make time go fast so i don't stress with my family problems and while he is gone.
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Do they get Christmas leave??

I'm not sure ill have to ask clement that on his graduation. i would hope so though!

How do you find out how long his tech school is?

Clement's recruiter told him before he left for basic. he already knows he will be trained in lackland Texas also. so he won't be able to come home for leave until he also finishes his tech school.