9 Days Until Due Date!!

So I have been patiently waiting for my little boy to get here! We are naming him Kai and are starting to grow very anxious for his arrival! Now I know he will not come until he is absolutely ready but I have been wondering if there are ways to speed things up. I am already 3 centimeters dilated and I have been trying to be more active to get to 4 but in all honesty nothing seems to work. I have 9 days left until my due date and my Dr says that if he does not come before then that on the 16th they are going to induce. Does anyone have any idea how I can get things moving along, this is my first baby and the last thing I want is to be induced! One of my friends made it past her due date with her son and was induced. She ended up in labor for 50 hours and then had an c section. I can not imagine the pain she went through for all that time and I do not want to have that happen to me. I mean I know every pregnancy is different and it is unlikely that I will have the same problems as her but I still would not want to risk it. I want to do things naturally so if any of you have any advice you could pass on to a first timer it would be greatly appreciated. I prolly could have asked this in questions but I figured that this might get me answers faster. I want my baby boy here so badly but I do not want to do anything extreme.
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