39w1day Pregnant

Sunday around 4o'clock p.m. I was experiencing uncomfortable contractions and really bad lower back pains. I have a contraction timer app and decided to time them. They started off lasting only 15secs to 20secs then picked up to abt 30secs.&5mins apart. So i figured it was nothing and didnt wanna go to the doctor bc ive heard a lot of women get sent back home. But then it continued until i got advice from friends and family to jus go to the doc. They were concerned since this is my first pregnancy and i had no idea what was going on. So that was around 6p.m. I got there and told them what was goig on and they set me on the monitor. I was a little dehydrated sound she brought me two cups of water. It kinda made my contractions speed up. She also checked to see how much i was dilated. I never got that checked by my OB yet. He only told me that i had starting thinning out. So i was eagered to know. I am 3cm dilated. So she said she was going to monitor me for another hour to see if there was any progress. Sadly to say i stayed at 3cm. So she called the real doctor in and he said that he can see that im having real contractions and they are abt 5mins apart but that slowed down and not strong enough to keep me. He explained that his could mean its a warning that labor is close to beginning or it can happen weeks from now.He said by this being my first pregnancy he couldnt tell how long it will be before i dilate anymore. That they would keep you if your around 4 to 5cm dilated usually. And that everything seems to be fine. The baby is moving and is healthy, no sign of me losing any membranes or high blood pressure. He said to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water and to try not to make love lol. which i think triggered it bc i did have intercourse hours before that.He also said if i had any serious bleeding, intense contractions to were i couldnt take it or my water breaks to come back. So after that was done i went home and got some sleep. Well i tried I had contractions still that night and couldnt sleep. Later the next day i experienced a few contractions. One that was painful and lasted more than 30secs. Today is now Tuesday and at around 8o'clock (50mins) ago i believe some of my mucus plug came out. It had a tinge of pinkish in it so i think well im pretty sure it was that. It wasnt a blob of it though. So im wondering if theres any chances i might be going into labor soon? Has anyone else experienced this? I have a check up finnally since the 3rd but its tomorro so i guess ill find out further information.
SuduceMadusa SuduceMadusa
18-21, F
Oct 23, 2012