Cant Feel My Baby Kicking At All...

im 20 weeks and 1day pregnant but i still cant feel my baby kicking me ..
what happened?? but when i do my scan i can c she/he actively kicking n moving... isit normal?
bibiLyn bibiLyn
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5 Responses Nov 6, 2012

i couldnt feel any kicks until i was 23 weeks gone .even though i could see her kicking when i had 20 week scan . 36 weeks now and her little feet dont stop wiggling . try not to worry n hopefully you'll be feeling all the little kicks n punches soon xx

Congratulations !!!

Their kicks are proble not strong enough for you to feel them im almost thirty weeks pregnant and I started feeling my little guy kicking at nineteen weeks but it was not as strong as they are now give it time im sure they will start kicking hard enough for you to feel them.

thank you rjschoch...
my baby is kicking now.. =)
can feel he/she kicking me twice yesterday thanks God.. <3