I am now 26 weeks in. I look and feel fat. No, I'm just kidding :P I've gained 28 pounds so far. I read that it's important to gain between 30 and 45 pounds when expecting twins. I like the extra weight, so I'm not one of those girls who thinks she's really fat.
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I'm sure you looked wonderful while pregnant.
I hope enjoyed the experience.

Have you had your babies yet?

Tripplets and twins, gues that there must be a plan to make sure that your genes lives on.

I have twin boys,, my wife's breast grew alot when her milk came in,, how much have yours grown?

Beyond all reason xD

she went from a D to Hcup,,, would you consider adding me to your circle?

Sure I guess. xD

wow, blunt! how big is an h cup anyway.

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You're expecting twins?