Yr 9.

2 years ago, when I was in year 9, Samie & I were passing notes to each other during English, when you weren't suppose to at all.
Samie, wrote on the note "come down the back for a smoke", yes back than we were at that rebellious age, and were smoking. I wrote back to Samie, "yeah ill come down, but I'm not smoking, I'm quiting" she than replied with "are you pregnant?" This is when our English teacher took or read the note, she went into her staff room an did who knows what with it, & than came back with a concerned look on her face & pulled us out of class one at a time, she asked Samie first what it was about, Sam said "it's a joke from dance" and was aloud back inside, the teacher than pulled me out of class & asked me the same I told her exactly what Sam said, & she said " are you sure? What age do you wanna have kids?" I was trying to make up a random number, and took to long before she asked "are you pregnant?" I said "i don't have to answer to you, & it's really none of your business if I am" & she replied with "i wouldnt be surprised, you two look like the type of girls that would ho around getting pregnant at this age" i than walked inside.
She has then thought I was pregnant and now 2 years later have a son, she told the teachers that I also have, that I have a son, so they all think so.
I am now actually pregnant, & soon will start to show, I'm worried about what the teacher will think as they already think I have a child, & especially the English teacher that basically called me a S-L-U-T in year 9..
Nevaehdanielle Nevaehdanielle
18-21, F
Dec 12, 2012