Dreaming Reality.

On Tuesday night, I dreamt that I was pregnant. I was at school in class for sex Ed, we were learning the early signs of pregnancy, and the pregnancy rates within the school, and were told when students are found pregnant that are to leave immediately, that's when the teacher got out all these pregnancy test and ordered all the girls to take the test, mine came back positive and I had a feeling it would, after going through all the symptoms which some I had, so I wasn't that surprised when I seen the result as positive, but I tried to change it by running water over it trying to make it negative, I then had a friend take a test for me, so it'ld come up negative to show the teacher. Noone was asked to leave as all the tests he got back were negative..
When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I was sick, but I had to go to school for an assessment and we had sex Ed, we were learning about the early signs of pregnancy just like we did in my dream, after talking about the symptoms, I realized I have the exact symptoms as what you have when you're pregnant, so after class I went to the school nurse and asked to go home as I was sick, she asked what were my symptoms, I told her, & she had me take a pregnancy test, there and then I knew it'ld be positive and sure enough it was, I was able to go home, and the nurse let the school know and let me tell my parents in my own time. & I'm not expected to leave school at all..
Nevaehdanielle Nevaehdanielle
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2012