I am 31 years old and this is the third time in my life I have been prego. I am currently a little over two months along and this is the first time I have carried this far. Every single pain I feel scares me because I want this baby more than anything in this world. I don't think my husband understands how scared I am to lose this baby. He has delt with woman that were prego before and he swears that everything is normal. So seeing how he gets an attitude with me anytime I get scared I feel like I should just keep my mouth shut and not tell him anything that I feel or experience. Because I don't want this pregnancy to be a burden on him. Not only that I don't want him to end up hating me or for me to some how push him into the arms of another woman.
washio2005 washio2005
26-30, F
Jan 10, 2013