23 Weeks Preg and Cirvix 50% Thinned Worryed

hi i"m back i went to the hospital on the 25 for bad cramps and contractions thay told me i had a bladder infection and i was dehyidraied thay gave me an I.V. thay said that would help thay checked my cervix and said everying thing was ok so thay cent me home well on the 28 thay came back bad so iwent back another doc. was on dutie that night thay told me the same thingand but when she checkied my cervics she said thay were 50% thinned thay also saidthay were tilted some then she told if my watter breaks or i start bleeding to come back my friends told my husband thats not good that means i'm geeting ready to have the baby and thay should of put me in the hospital and put me on bed rest and if somthing happens to the baby we could sue the hospital i go to the obgyn clnic at the hospital i guess their going to let them deside what to do on the 8 of june when i go in should i be woryed and should the hospital done somthing adought this??? and if somthing happens could i sue the hospital??? i need some advice if any knows anything please let me know asap thank you and gob bless you.
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Dont worrie, things will be fine! If you are dehyidraied it will make your camps hurt more, drink more!<br />
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good luck and congrats! <br />