My First Bio Baby

I am pregnant with my first biological child. 20 weeks preggers to be precise:) It is a girl. We are naming her Layla June. Her twin sisters (my step kids) are ecstatic!!!

I am totally over whelmed by this new experience and the girls are witnessing pregnancy on the outside for the first time....hahaha. They are totally fascinated with all the details and watching me grow.

Daddy has been awesome and so supportive. He is a beautiful man and an awesome father. My parents, siblings, aunts and uncles have all been supportive. Co-workers are even jumping on the band wagon giving me maternity clothes and baby girl clothes since a few have recently had baby girls of their own.

I am SUCH a lucky perosn to have such a wonderful family and such supportive friends.

budgiefred budgiefred
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1 Response Aug 26, 2008

Well I have been raising his twins for two years now and figure it can't be much harder with one more. I'm sure it'll suck the first six months what with the no sleep and all. As far as my life being over thanks to a child that's already happened....hahaha. The only difference is the two I have given my life up for arn't even mine.