31 Weeks and Counting...

So I am about done being pregnant...not only literally but mentally as well. I am a very active person and this pregnancy is taking it all out of me. I am starting to have problems sleeping, standing, walking, etc and I am not one to give in so it hurts even more when I do. Right now I should be sleeping but if course I am here instead. I went to the doctor on Friday and he was in now way reassuring to me and was very generic about all the information he gave me...uh. I just can't wait to meet her I guess. I want her to stay inside forever so I can protect her but I am also having a hard time because she seems to be running out of room and it is becomming increasingly uncomfortable. 9 Weeks to go!

stephnie stephnie
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 15, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am 35 weeks pregnant and I know just what you mean...excited about the baby but so sick of being pregnant. Most days I feel like a ripe tomato about to split open. There is a yoga pose that I practice to help with walking and hip pain. Brace yourself on a chair or something and stand on your right foot and bend your knee slightly. Put your other foot on your bended knee making a triangle with your legs and reach forward as far as you can then repeat on the other side. It stretches your hips and temporarily loosens those sore muscles. Oh, and you and your baby have already met and developed an incredible bond...you'll see.