And Baby Makes Four

So I took a test just a bit ago. I can't believe it. Well I can't wait to tell Steven I think I will send him four little ducks or something And then let him guess..x

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12 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Thanks everyone. I was gona go to the Doctors forgot my Doctors not in til 2mrow. But now I am gona go on Wednesday. I'm super excited. One of my mates said I should take a picture of an expecting T-shirt and send that. So thats what I am gona do. I can't wait. i wish I could see the look on his face when he sees it.x

JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
Ohh you got to tell me all about this !!!!<br />
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Love you

I wanna know his reaction!!!

Don't spill the beans to Steven haven't told him x

OMG!! January!! thats awesome!!!!xx

Thanks were super excited.. Weve got 1 girl and 2 boys. Were all hoping for another girl.x

omg CONGRATS girl! thats so exciting! i love the lil duck idea! :)

Congrads.<br />
<br />
Take care

Thanks, I'm super excited. I just need to come up with a way to suprise my hubby.x

Aww. That's great!

Thanks, I just pray its another girl. because I don't know if I can cope with another x