5 Months

 I am almost 5 months pregnant. My bf just went to boot camp for the army. When i have the baby he wont be here. The baby will be 4 months when they meet. Im just scared to do this all alone and look like my bf left me when i go to the doctor. I feel depressed and i cry every second of the day. What can i do to stop this???

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I think that it's going to be great for you to have this time alone. I mean think of it as a positive not a negative. When I was pregnant I would take my anger and frustration out on my ex. I really was not evil, lol, but I couldn't help all the feelings I was having. I mean at least your not really going to have that, because it does strain the relationship. For going to see doctors, I'd be proud telling them "my man is in the army" It tells the doctor your proud, strong, and supportive to your man. Crying with pregnancy is totally common. It's crying every second that worries me...I think you gotta get your mind occupied. Find something for yourself to do, if you like reading, read more (it's great to read out loud for your baby to recognize your voice), if you like crafts do some for your baby...go shopping, hang out with people, go for walks, there are programs for expecting mothers. There is lots for you to do, it's up to you whether or not your going to do it. Be strong, be proud of you bf and hope that this helps!

oh sweetie..i am so sorry to hear that. <br />
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i dont really know considering i've never been pregnant but i know that all you can do is be strong and confident and when you are depressed and crying and the doctor sees that then he will think he left you, so go in there happy put those worries aside and just be strong.<br />
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best wishes princess