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I Can't Keep This In Anymore...

I've been slowly telling one person at a time. The more people I tell, the more excited I get. I didn't want to blurt it out and announce it but yes. Yes I am. So there...I blurted it...errr...

It's funny. The first time, my husband was so flustered he was reading the test upside down upset that it was negative. And I kept saying if both windows have lines either way (he was looking for the plus sign on the wrong side) this time it was easier to read...except I was the spaz.

I stared at it for ten seconds screaming, "nooo!" and he told me to wait. "It's not even three minutes yet." He put his hand out to get me out of the bathroom...I kept staring at it on the way out..."oooh there's a second one...yes!" "It's not three minutes, wait and make sure!"

We both knew already. He kept saying I was acting the same way. I lost my appetite, the dog was cuddling with my stomach, the cats were laying on me constantly, and I was crying and sleeping a lot. Oh look, it's a's so cute...

I'm exhausted. I thought I was hibernating, lol.

Tekkamaki Tekkamaki 31-35 38 Responses Feb 18, 2009

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That's a great idea! Thanks! I will look into getting a doula.

Thanks!<br />
<br />
I'm making a mental note (remember your blessings even in the midst of your pain)<br />
<br />
It'll help me prioritize better and realize what a happy time this should be. Now...back to the super mario birthday cookies, lol!

Congratulations!!! I've just learned within 5 minutes of each other that 2 of my friends on EP are pregnant! I sure hope it's not catchy... :P I'm DONE with THAT, lol ;) But I'm very, very happy for you and Mr. Tek!!! I hope it's a boy :)

Wow, I'd read it! I want to do that. I've heard of women that use midwives. They are up and about soon after having the baby. I want a natural birth...the whole deal! The c-section sucked! I healed fine but the zombie wandering for a month in pain sucked! I'd take the hours or even days of labor pain over weeks of post surgical pain.

The Amah who stuck around for my grandmother was the Senior Amah, "Ah King". She was something of a legend; I remember being told that the woman used to be a farmer in China, and that she delivered her own baby safely in a field, rested a bit, and then went back to field to finish working the paddy before walking all the way home with the new baby.<br />
<br />
My brother and I are very fortunate to have been brought up by such women. My own Amah is 94 and she still insists on working for a few hours each day. There is nothing "backward" about them; I think that because conditions in China were so bad, they have very good practices and go about maintaining hygiene in the same way as soldiers look after their assault rifles. When the Stunt Toddler was born, we were in an ignorant panic, consulting everything from to baby books, and most of the time the Amah's advice was spot-on. I should ghost-write a baby book for my Amah and take her on book tours with the Stunt Toddler...

WOW...that's amazing! I have the same funny feeling you are right. Those people with me were so lost and confused. I want a crazy earth lady midwife type. Oh she would make me feel so comfortable and safe!

Babies can be very naughty around that time. My father chose to be born during an air-raid in 1945, when the Brits were trying to bomb the Japanese forces out of Singapore (yeah..). Everybody in the family disappeared into the shelter except my grandmother, who was crowning, an elderly aunt, and one very brave Amah who didn't even have to be there.<br />
<br />
So my father was born under his grandfather's billiards table -- it was the most solid shelter they could find --, to the sound of sirens and bombs. I have the funny feeling that my grandmother may have had a better medical team that the one you had the last time... those women really knew what they were doing.

Aww thank you! was a very amusing time for me being both short and very round, ha! And if I do hear a little cheering section in my subconscious, I'll know it's you guys rooting for me! : D

" happy Ms. Pac Man!"<br />
<br />
This one will be making me smile to myself all day for no apparent reason, people will think I'm a nutter.<br />
<br />
Btw, I read your blog entry about the last time. Thanks for letting us know so that we can all be rooting for you when you deliver.<br />
<br />
Love,<br />

: ) Hugs!<br />
<br />
and thank you!<br />
<br />
Oh yes, I was one happy Ms. Pac Man! All belly! I remember getting a rolling start out of bed and out of chairs, ha ha!

Congratulations! I absolutely loved being pregnant. Too bad I got such a late start or I may have had more than 2 children. I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy and a bouncing baby.

nice work ... and Congratulations! tekkamaki. my best Hugs*

Yeah...the metaphors keep me busy when I've nothing better to do, lol!

LMAO!!!! Thats great tek....

I hope to be a good apartment rental for the next nine months. Hopefully five star, good food, good atmosphere, no complaints. Except in the last part of the lease where the little one will realize a bigger apartment is needed, ha! Time to move out!

Congratulations! To you and to the baby too for picking such a wonderful Mommy!

Thank you for the blessings and congrats! : )

yay! congrats! woo hoo!! and all that good stuff :)

Uh oh! People will thing you're crushing on me Meg since the little edamame bean is tiny now. "It's ok, we're close...ha ha!"<br />
<br />
Yeah! I'll have the root beer float though in the cheers. Yay! Last time I freaked people out drinking from the sarsaparilla bottle since it "looks" like beer. It's a good april fools, lol!


*places hands on baby belly*<br />
<br />
Sorry......pregnant bellies are so darn cute :-)

Yeahhhhhhhh you!!!

Hmmm, Carrot Jr...hmmm...<br />
<br />
What about Edamame? That's still in the veggie-table realm.

Well, I've kept lots of secrets...just this one was a secret I couldn't keep any longer. At first I thought, oh, just one person. Then...oh this person means a lot to me and I have to tell her...and oh no way, how could I forget this person...I just adore this person...and I got to the fourth person and by then I realized I was going to keep going until people were sick of me talking about it. Ha ha!<br />
<br />
I was telling the spouse the dream I had in January about talking to friends here about being pregnant, I wrote about it on EP and was really confused. So seeing that dream on here was bugging me. Actually I had a dream before hand about my daughter but she was a boy. But during the pregnancy, I had no pregnancy dreams, in fact I had opposites...which would probably be called nightmares...because man, she's wonderful...<br />
<br />
I just blurted out a lot. lol!


Yes. She loves babies...but is too little. She wants to take off with them running and playing so that worries me. Of course she'll learn but she's extremely hyper.

This is beautiful. Have you told "big sister?"

You guys are so quick in comments I'm having trouble keeping up, lol! Awww! ^_^

Thanks! I am just hoping that we'll both be healthy and safe. My laboring experience before was quite traumatic, near death, so I'm hoping to be more prepared. Either repeat C or VBAC (which is not practiced except by a handful of people in the state)...which ever is safest as best.

That's right Andrew, she will be an ate!<br />
<br />
Ha, it was actually my dog that knew and my cats. daughter did get a lot more naughty. So maybe? She is telling her daddy all about the baby, talking through the belly button, giving it! She's two and a half now. I was telling a friend that I fell asleep on my stomach and she started pushing me and yelling, "mami get off the baby in your tummy!"

Yippee, doodle and dandy, sweet friend! :) Yay!

Yes SHC! Of course! ; D

I am SOOOOOO happy and excited for you!<br />
<br />
How is your beautiful little daughter taking it? She'll be an ate!<br />
<br />
My little nephew is going to have a baby sister in June... He is only 3+ but he is already completely thrilled. He won't go down for his nap unless he has his baby doll with him in the bed, and he will "pat" it to sleep (Asian-style) as he himself falls asleep. They have already chosen a name for the girl, so the little boy is already "talking" to his sister through his Mummy's belly.<br />
<br />
tekkamaki, do you know that the Filipino side of the family detected my sis-in-law's pregnancy before she even had a clue herself? The little boy, who is known for his good manners, suddenly became noticeably naughtier; it was totally out of character for him. One of the Titas told me that Filipinos believe that the older child can sense the new sibling before anybody else, and has to adjust to the presence of the new spirit in the family's life.<br />
<br />
God bless you!

Thank you. I meant to be more quiet. But I've been talking about my daughter kissing my stomach and telling her daddy that the baby is inside...that I just couldn't take it anymore. omg...she's been so adorable "it's very tiiiny!"...she's going to make me a ball of mush!

Congratulations! :-)

Yay! Hugs back!!

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />

Alright! It's my 500 experience on EP. Yay!