I told you about how my affair started with mohit but in past somethings happened which should not. As this is the only place where I am anonymous ,I am more than happy to tell.mohit,my lover was hungry for me and due to my love for him,i was ready to do anything he wanted.he asked everyday for me,everyday.he started visiting my home too often,showing my husband that he had come for office work. whenever he comes,there were some vibes that always exchanges between me and mohit,unseen to my husband.we were getting closer day by day.whenever he came,he finds a way to lip-lock with me.like he and my husband were doing thier office work in our room,i gave him indication to come outside,he said to my husband he is going to washroom,but come outside to smooch me. mohit everyday said to me that i must sleep with him or he will rape me. i laughed to that because i would love if that happened. but the worst and most guilty thing that i never thought was i really cheated on my husband.my husband told his wish to have one more child.i discussed this with mohit and my ex bf.both of them were forcing me to have my child from them(they dont know each other but i told them ). they became friends,obviously jealous of each other.we planned a party on my birthday(i kept my husband and son out of this,saying i have it with my old friends) we 3 were in lounge,drinking.mohit was touching me again and again.my ex bf was not liking this.when mohit touched my hips,my ex bf started fighting with him.it was a scene in lounge.i dont know but i was having fun seeing thier fight as i have a liking for this. as i was drunk i for fun started beating my ex bf with mohit.and we beated him till he begged us to stop.i was exhausted and lied on floor.mohit took me in his laps and brought me to a private room(of which only me ,mohit and my ex knows) and said this time,no stopping,he made me drink more and started kissing me.he took off my clothes.my ex called me and said to let him in room now or he will tell my husband everything.i asked mohit to bring him in ,to which mohit refused.i teased him by licking his penis and throwing him away from bed.he brought my ex bf.i kissed him also.from one side mohit was kissing me and from other my ex.my ex was so delighted to see my naked body after year.it was fun having two at once.i never had such a wild sex.as we all were badly drunk,we were not in our conscious.mohit and my ex decided that they will have sex with me to which I refused as usual.i told them that this is wrong making my husband serve someone else child.i have pity on him.they said but they don’t have.they discussed a plan with each other.then my ex came and holded my body.mohit holded my legs and started inseting.my ex hands were very tight and I could not go through.but I was fighting and did not let him in.i kicked mohit penis to which he got angry and finally inserted in.he reminded that he had said if I do not lem him in,he will rape me. the moment his penis got in me,I forgot everything about my married life and jumped in his laps.he inserted in me from front and my ex came from behind.i remembered my old days and after so much desperation,I was finally experiencing once again the best moment of my life.my ex parts parts were stronger,thicker and better than my husband,it was really hot how it was going in and out of my ***.the session continued for hours.we all had a lot of fun.i promised that day I will not be so loyal to my husband.and that we can have such fun after intervals to have a change from the boring routine.the next day,my hubby asked to sleep with me so we can have a child.i started laughing to that.i made him drink heavily and acted as we are having sex.i am pregnant but the point is whose child is this,mohit or my ex?
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I wish my wife was as bold

Very nice:)