Wow, I'm Pregnant?!!!

It all happened at once. My husband and I had sex and next thing ya know i'm a week and a half late. My periods have always been regular, even in my teen years when I first started. Pregnancy wasn't the first thing that popped into my head because I was on the pill and never missed a dose of my birth control. I have always been careful. Hell, I'm married, my man don't have any STD's and we still use condoms. Well the game plan was before we had children we wanted to have good paying jobs, a really nice place to live, lots of money, good health insurance, some hands on experience with lots of other children (nieces, nephews, ect.) and all these other goals like a vacation in Hawaii, backpacking through Europe, you get the point...we didn't plan this pregnancy. Well I ignore the fact my period still isn't here and think ahh hell for once in my life I might actually skip a month... not so though. A few days later I feel really nauseous and can hardly keep anything down. The next day I get up 3 am in the morning and get so sick and well you know the rest and the sounds of me "losing my cookies" wakes him up and he's all worried about me and there is a huge mess everywhere. It's hard to control where your throw-up goes when you are still tired, have already vomited up what feels like almost half your stomach and feel like you are going to die. Well that day was hell and so was the next day. My husband said I should go to the doctors, but it's the weekend and so they're closed anyhow. Meanwhile, I still haven't gotten my period yet and later that day my friend stops by and I tell her I don't feel good and we start this long conversation about pregnancies because she said her brother's wife is and she said that I might be having "morning sickness" and I thought how could I be pregnant if i'm on the pill and using condoms so i'm in denial about it, but later i'm laying in bed thinking about it and my husband asks me how I feel and asks if there's anything he can do for me and the longer I think about it the more I am actually beginning to think I could be pregnant so I say yes honey actually there is something you can do for me, will you go to the store and buy me a pregnancy test and he's like oh, ok and fidgets and acts real nervous and gives me a look like damn woman your'e outta your mind, but sure enough when he brings the test home, CLEARBLUE easy read digital that says on it if you are or aren't pregnant and it took a few minutes, but when your'e waiting for important info that might change your life it seems like forever and it even took longer because the little stick you pee on is complicated plus I was already nervous and scared and lots of my pee went on the floor; HOW EMBARASSING] and I had to wait until my bladder was full again which didn't take too long, but my husband acted like a real jerk and decided to go to sleep just to avoid it and copped his attitude like a real **** head. So here it was early morning now and I finished my at home preg test and the results are positive... so yes I am pregnant and i'm gonna have a baby and I have all these emotions at once...excited, scared, happy, sad etc........... if you've been there before you know what i'm talking about and I couldn't even go to sleep and was worried about what my husband was going to say next and how he would react and when he would stop being such a ****. Next morning I tell him and I call in sick at work... i know it's bad, but I couldn't do work I would still be curious if there's an error in the test and get sidetracted by all my thoughts so I also scheduled a doctor's appt. to make sure I am really pregnant and what's really going on with me so I drive there, wait in the waiting room, they call me back, I pee in the little specimen cup thing, and about a half hour later my doc confirms i'm pregnant, now that it's a for sure thing my husband is supporting me and I haven't been quite as nauseous. Now i'm just feeling tired and having problems with my bladder~~~ GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!!

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And calm down! You can do this. Your husband will help you through everything.

I M so happy i m pregnant... Wow unbelievable. I got married on 19th Dec,2010. i was waiting for this special moment for such a long time finally its here...28th May, i discoveredi m pregnant by 6 weeks :)<br />
Frds pray for me have a safe journey ahead !!!

my periods were like clock work until march this year. i always had a 28 day cycle. then march a 33 day cycle, then april a 35 day cycle, and well, May - no period. i'm currently 23 days late for my period. i feel very tired and seedy. i have taken numerous pregnancy tests but they keep coming back negative. so who know's!!

i hope im not pregnant. :( i usually go 4 or 5 weeks every period but this time im 6 weeks late. im praying that i start. :(

Congrats. My husband and I just started trying ... LOL I hope I get pregnant as easy as you did.

I think i might be pregnant.. kinda goin through similar things only im not throwing up but iv felt sick to my stomach, always gotta use the bathroom, and sum other symtoms of it..<br />
im on birth control and my guy always pulls out so i never went 2 buy a test.. <br />
but if that can happen to you, it can sure as hell happen to me.

It sounds like you and I have had the same dream, big house, lots of money, trips ect. ect. ect. Then life steps in. =) congrats on the baby, and I hope your husban takes good care of you. even though he was a *cough* over the test.<br />
<br />

glad you're not nauseous anymore. and sorry your husband was a d*** head. it takes time for the male mind to digest the whole pregnancy thing. good luck. hope everything works out ok.