Not Sure Which Way to Turn Anymore

hello everyone! i am soon to be 25 yrs old and i am pregnant with my third baby... here is why im lonely... i had a horrible break up with my boyfriend of now 9 years after i gave birth to his second child. for a while i went back and forth with him , waiting for the day when he would take me back, but after 3 years of him going back and forth i decided to give love a second chance and found a new partner. at first it was great with my new partner but then things went south .. i wasnt being treated properly . my partner was always threatening to leave me because i was 2 focused on my education. on one occasion we broke up and i found myself in the hands of my ex again. i get back with my new partner and i leave the ex alone..  now  months later after the doctor said it couldnt happen i am pregnant.. i love my new partner but have not spilled the beans because i fear the relationship will be over... now i have been bedridden for the past month and i have no1 to go through this with.... my family is not supportive and the father only cares about himself

lonelydimples lonelydimples
Mar 2, 2009