Morning Sickness Anyone ..... Going Once Going Twice

I was going to wait a little longer to say but i am very very pregnant !

My husband and i have been tring for a month but i guess that's all i needed. lol. i am 5 weeks and 1 day. :) but i think there is more then one in there. there are a couple reasons why i think there might be two or more. i gain 6 pounds in 5 days and my belly is already starting to show a little. my husband pointed that out after i came back from California, which was a 5 day trip. Twins run in the family so it just might be ....

My mother in-law had a dream of two pigs tring to get in a home but only one gets in. She is Korean and very superstitious this dream mean she is either going to get money or some in the family is pregnant. she asked her daughter if she was pregnant but she said no. when my husband called his sister  she ask if i was pregnant they have no idea yet

what ever the case, its wonderful :P

unless its more then 2 haha .. then i am going to cry

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i had my little angel :)<br />
it turned out only to be one after i had my 4 month ultra sound :)<br />
Congrats to you pregnantquinn <br />
omg your tummy must be ready to burst :P<br />
bless you little angels

Congrats. I just reached my8th month mark on my first pregnancy, and I'm having triplets so iknow what you mean by multiples. I mean, I can barely move by this point. I'm put on bed rest because I could burst any day Now. And I'm having morning sikness again so don't be siprised if it comes back.

I know that a lot of the asian culture is very traditional. The fact that you were married before becoming pregnant must make the pregnancy a delight for your mother in law. I am also pregnant and the father's mother is from east Asia as well. However, we are unmarried and do not live together. The father and I are both worried that his mother will be angry about the pregnancy because of this. We just don't know how to tell her. Do you have any advise? <br />
<br />
thank you for reading my comment. And congrats again!<br />
<br />

congratulations =] <br />
<br />
well as long as everything comes out goood, then you should have nothing to worry about. <br />
<br />
best of wishes :D

There are lots of twins in my family. I also have identical twin brothers. So that skipping a generation thing is just a myth.

Enjoy the wondrous journey ahead of you! Don't want to make you nervous, but my younger sister had triplets right out of the box; first shot! HMMM.... I wonder what was in her water? Ha-ha!!

affectioncraver, its not big enough yet, just at the start of the journey, but i am sure once my tummy gets bigger he will start..haha <br />
pizza a girl...hahah

Erin~ Have your hubby put his head on your belly, and talk to your baby(s), every day. It's amazing, they hear everything, and sometimes, you will get some surprising twists. If they are asleep when you talk too them, it might freak them out a bit, and watch your stomach roll. Cool stuff! Makes the pregnancy that much more exciting! Plus, right after they are born, they just hone in on you immediately! Congrats Pizza Girl!

thank you so much underconstruction, looking forward to see how this hole pregnant thing works out<br />
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<br />
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thanks you lilt, you had twins first time huh, you had a belly early to huh, :P oh boy <br />
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<br />
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thank you runnagirrl, it is very exciting and my husband and i our really happy :)

congrats! that is so exciting! i wish you all the best as you start down the road of pregnancy, i hope it's a healthy and happy one! :)

Wow, great news!<br />
My first born were twins and I started getting a tummy at about 6 weeks. Twins are sooooo spectacular. I am hopeful that you get 2 babies!!

thank you so much jojowazoo <br />
i hope everything is going to be fine too <br />
little scared because its my first but i heard this happens all the time <br />

I am so thrilled for you erinjt! Congratulations! I wish you a happy, comfortable, safe pregnancy! {hugs}<br />

yeah, my mother in-law is strange..haha<br />
i am doing the happy wiggle dance

Congratulations! I'm doing a little happy dance for you! Yay! : D Wow...that's so weird that she had a feeling someone was pregnant!