I'm 7 weeks today. I've been having "morning sickness" that is more like "all-day sickness." The last 3 days or so have been better. I read that it's helpful to eat throughout the day, even when you aren't feeling hungry (even if it's just light crackers.) It seemed to be helping.
Today I have a massive headache, though.
I was wondering if anyone had any tips for battling "morning sickness?"
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My all day morning sickness lasted til I was 12 weeks . It was HORRIBLE! I kept a pack of crackers by the bed. When I woke up I would eat like 3 then I'd stand up eat 3 and be on my way. I at my 3 meals and I ate snacks between. I drank ginger-ale to help a little. NEVER miss a meal you will only feel worse. I didn't eat fried foods also and fastfood made me feel sicker for some reason (but maybe that was just me). Oh and suck on hard candies through out the day it helped me a lot.

And don't drink orange juice (that made me feel horrible but maybe that was just me also)

I can't do fast food either. I can barely walk into the grocery store even. Everything smells awful to me, and I'm instantly nauseous.
Good advice though, I will try the hard candies and ginger-ale. Thanks for the input.

I was like that also. But I use this app called "Pregnancy+" it give out good info about when your morning sickness should reach it's peak and when it should be over and there are blog where women comment there experience and what they've done to cope and adjust to there changing body. It also tell you during the week you're in the changes your body and your baby's body will go through and gives your partner advice. It's a pretty good app and helps me to keep track of how far along I am.

Well if you ever need to know anything you can feel free to ask me. I'm still pregnant lol but I have a head start I'll be 19 weeks Friday so I can't give you some info if needed.

Thank you. This is my first pregnancy. I'm trying to do everything right and not get discouraged by how bad I'm feeling lol.
I've heard it's normal to feel awful, but my mother had no sickness at all during her pregnancy so she doesn't have much advice to give.
I'll have to check out that Pregnancy+ app too.

Wait til you get sharp pains in your breast. Your gonna say I'm "DONE!!!" Lol. My mom said she experienced nothing while I had all day morning sickness , i have pregnancy rhinitis that has been happening since I've been pregnant it's awful, leg cramps, feet hurt, lower back pains. It's hard making a human but the love you feel while you're going the the process is like no other love before.

Oh boy, I haven't had sharp pains yet but "the girls" are definitely tender lol! Not to mention I'm an emotional wreck. I started crying at a restaurant the other day and I'm still trying to figure out why...
I'm so impatient, too. I just want to meet my little one so bad. I can't wait to be a mom.
Do you know what you are having?

Lol that's how I was he didn't even want to talk to me because I would start yelling and then crying saying I'm sorry lol it was bad . And yes I'm having a boy. At 15 weeks I went to a place called little miracle imagining because I could wait another 4 weeks to find out.

How exciting! I can't wait to know the gender of my baby.

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