Pregnant Before I Learn How to Drive

Okay here is my pregnancy story. I had sex, obviously and had missed my period. I didn't think too much of it because i'm still young and I just figured it could be an irregularity. The next month I still didn't get my period and one day my friend and I are talking about periods and she was on hers that day and saying stuff about cramping so bad and being bloated and I pop up and say that I haven't had mine for going on two months now and she's like " Lucky you" and then she's like " Oh, no, wait a minute, did you have" and of course I did so i'm like "yes" and she says that I might be pregnant and I thought about it, but me and my bf used protection so the thought didn't really stick with me and so we go to the store and she buys me a pregnancy test because I didn't have that much money and she is a few years older so she has a job and has money. I said I would pay her back when I get some, but she's like don't worry about it just go do the test. So we go back to her place since her parents are out to dinner and a movie and my dad is at home and I don't want to upset him if I might not even be pregnant. So I read the directions and take the test and am so damn nervous and after about 5 minutes the test is done and I am an emotional wreck and crying because I am so scared and don't even have a mother to help me get through this and my father is very strict and the second he finds out he will probably want to kill me, but he's gonna find out and I want support, but don't know how to tell him, but I should tell him because I'm going to start showing anyhow in about a month. I should probably make a doctor's appointment and will need to go to the gyno and get an ultrasound, but I don't even have transportation and don't know what my health insurance is going to cover yet. I am only 16 and don't have my driver's license yet. I don't have anybody and feel so lonely yet I have a life growing inside me. My boyfriend broke up with me already because we got in a big argument a couple weeks ago and already has a new girlfriend so I don't know if I should tell him and if I do how will I tell him he knocked me up. He probably won't even care. He's in love with his new girl now and they already slept together. I tried to call him once after our fight and he still never returned my call. Lucky me????

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I'm 19 years old, pregnant, and don't know how to drive either. Tell your father and decide what you want to do and let your ex boyfriend know, as well. My boyfriend didn't come around till I was 4 months pregnant. It's a lot to put on someone but do what you have to do. If your ex doesn't want any part of it, fine his lost on a beautiful life just know you won't be the first single mother and you won't be the last. Message me if you like(:

my dtr. had a baby at 16, he is 23 now,6'2",looks great, it is not the end of the world , you will love him/her, will be the greatest adventure , you are going to be ok,,love cb ,, good luck,,,

I Was 14 When My Mom Told My Dad Get That Out Of The Way Befor It's Too Late , &'nd With The Father Just Let Him Know If He Doesn't Support You Then Go Too Court For Childsupport

yes you should tell him & he DEFINITELY needs to support the baby-----i have been a pregnant teen &<br />
am now 42 yrs. old.......... if he wont support the baby then contact ur local child support agency------- no doubt he would rather pay $$$ than go to jail---good luck

Tell your dad. Tell your ex-boyfriend. Think about your options because you have several. I was born, in 1970, to a sixteen year old mom. She loved me enough to know that she couldn't give me the life she wanted for me and I was adopted at birth by the parents that raised me. I had a fantastic childhood, went to college, got married, and now am in my 30's with two kids of my own. My birth mother, who I met when I was 21, went on to college, got married, had a son, and lived a great life too. Having an abortion or keeping the baby yourself, to raise at 17, are not your only options. In my life now, I am a social worker and I work with families with children. I can tell you that girls who have babies young, without the support of a partner, and without finishing their education, have a really, really hard time. You and your baby deserve to live a happy, productive life where you are both free to reach your potential. Stay strong and BE SMART!

Gotta tell the boyfriend, too. You really should.

look i agree wit the fact that you need to tell your dad.. but i am 17.. i have a 1 year old son and a daughter on the way..i have lots of resources if you want my help just message me ok? i will gladly help you

hey sweetie your not 19 but i have never had my licences either i found out yesterday im 5 weeks preg,and trust me it feels like a train wreck in my head. i just got out of an abusive relationship and i need someone to talk to too. honey be strong your all your babys got......forever......and im not sure how your relationship with your father is but when you feel its right he needs to know and soon....hes all you have.

Tell your Dad!, its going to be vary vary hard to do, but you must do it. for your health and the babies. Its sad but this happens alot, and you will make it threw this. Its not a life lesson you should have to learn right now. <br />
<br />
look into<br />
Planned Parenthood,<br />
they have a few services to help you out, IE insurance ect. <br />
<br />
good luck!<br />