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I found out im pregnant about a month and a half ago.  Im in my first year of university, and the guy who knocked me up left me.  He already had a kid and he is 21.  We got back together a week after he broke up with me..and he went on saying he loved me and that he was sorry n ****.  Then a week after that he left me again.  So I am officially done with him. Problem is that we are friends with the same people..which makes it awkward for them..and I do my best to be cool around him cause i dont want my friends to have to choose sides. 

Bottom line is that hes an ******* and he treated me like dirt.  The last fight we had he left a bruise on my arm.

I decided to get an abortion, because I am too young. Im only 18, and I have so much going for me right now.  Physically I cant, becaue I was into drugs..and financially, I cant.  I cant expect too much help from him because he gives the mother of his other kid only 100 bucks a month, enough for diapers maybe. 

I am scared shitless. I already have chronic depression, and I am afraid that this will ruin me..

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I went through the same situation. There is so much to consider when you get pregnant. I cried for 2 weeks a missed college. I was very depressed. You have a lot to consider. Finacially, emotionally, its all up to you. ( which i hate saying because I wanted someone to tell me what i should do) You have a lot going for you. If this guy isn't going to be there are is abusive, kick him to the curb. stay focused on studies. Good luck with everything.

I am so glad to hear that your off drugs!!! Thats great!!! Well I will be thinkin of you on Thursday...I hope everything goes smoothely...Good luck sweetie!

Thanks, and I have gotten off drugs already. <br />
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My first ultrasound was very emotional, because I had already decided by then what I was going to do.<br />
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I am at 13 weeks..and my abortion date is this thursday..<br />
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That is so sad that your husband wont be there to see the miracle of your baby. But he will have two people too look foward to when he comes home now :)

I can completly understand why you are scared...I fouund out I was pregnant with my first child 3 weeks after my husband got deployed to Afganistan and he wont be home till Feb. 2010 and I am due Oct. 2009...I completly understand being scared!<br />
If you have not the abortion yet I would reconsider this might be the perfect thing you need to get off the drugs and help with your deppression it is scary for the first few weeks but when you have that fist ultrasound that all dissappears! However the abortion might be the right thing for you...I would just seriously seriously think about it! <br />
I am so sorry to here about that ******* some men are just children and they will never grow up I am so sorry about that!<br />
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Whatever you choose stay strong!