Child Number 3

I have yet to tell a few close friends so because I know what they will say. It will be all the things I already know. Its dangerous and I'm young and my last one is only 16 months old. But I was on BC when I got pregnant and was at the doctor to get the next shot and they did the mandatory test and voila. I am not wanting to go to much into this all right now. Just thought I'd share this and some pictures. Oh, I am 21 weeks and 5 days! =)

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thats sweet im 4 months

Close your ******* legs. You're going to ruin your kids lives with your **** income and ****** father figure. If you're lucky.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I meant

f u cking, s hit, and sh itty.


its your life hun. you don't need to tell anyone if you don't want. they'll find out when they see u.

Congrats!! I envy you.....if I were 10 years younger I would have another!! Surround yourself with supportive people and ignore the others.....:)

Youre really fortunate to be able to get pregnant so easily. I hope all goes well with your pregnancy and your family. Take the criticism with a grain of salt, people make observations and judge quickly.

I had my tubes tied after my second child and after 3 years got pregnant with my third child. There is a 99% chance of that not happening after that procedure!! I had already given everything away too. I think for you, as in my case too, it was meant to be. Don't worry about the details or what anyone says. Just love that baby unconditionally and don't look back! Good Luck and God Bless!

I have three children and pregnant with my fourth.

hi i am 14 years old and i am very proud and happy for you.Don't anyone tell you you are to young go for it. My sister 17 year old sister and shejust had a baby

That's not okay. She's too young, and you're doing a bad thing by supporting her stupid decision. Keep your legs closed, too.

This sounds really hot. Your friends need to mind their own business. These days 3 babies by 3 different fathers is not that big of a deal. I think carrying each of these pregnancies to term and delivering healthy babies is very much to your credit. Also what I like about you is that you are obviously not a ***** teaser. Good for you!!!

what a stupid and pathetic reply

No need to be so sanctimonious and judgmental. This is just the way things are in the times we live in. Get with it. I find more joy in celebrating new life than in condemning it in harsh and unforgiving terms.

You should read my comments.

No. That's stupid. You're stupid. Either you're a VD ridden jerkoff who wants to impregnate women and not pay child support or you're a skanky diseased s lut that wants to justify not being responsible and keeping d icks out of your filthy pu ssy.

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I had my two children very close together also. I was also on birth control when I found out that I was pregnant again with my daughter. It was very unexpected, and with my son being so young yet I was very scared that it would be really hard. They are 16 months apart. My son will be 3 in January and my daughter is about 17 months, and they are the best of friends. I could not imagine my life without the two of them. Sure it is very hard at times, especially when they both need your attention at once, but I wouldnt have it any other way. You are blessed, if your friends have anything bad to say, then they arent much of a friend. Congratulations, and look forward to many years of joy in your life.

Are you sure you were on bc, because if you are taking it regularly there should only be about a 1% chance you would get pregnant (even if you are really fertile).

my parents had me late and now my dad is now alot older than my friends dad's. And he still has to work to support us even though he should be able to retire by now. All of his friends have kids that are all grown up. In my family we're a generation behind everyone else. i know it sounds weird but people that are close to my age are the children of my first cousins. well at least i think they're my first cousins. it's better to have children now when your younger when your body can take it.

Doesn't sound weird to me. I'm in the same boat. It's actualy really awkward. Me & my second cousins are nothing alike. But yeah, I agree, it's better to have kids when you're younger for you and for them.

So your kid should now be 4?
I bet you go though twice as much food now in your household.


Hey brwneyedbeauty,
Congrats and hope your delivery goes well when your due. What are you having this time, boy/girl? Are you single, in a relationship, or married?

Congratulations. You look incredible. We only have one life to live. Just live your life the best way you know how.

The main thing to remember is: It's your life!! Nobody can live it for you. Having the means to enjoy your children and to give them a world of wonder and love by expanding their imaginations and holding them in your arms is the purpose of life itself.

What a beautiful sentiment!! :)

Congrats! You don't owe your friends any explanation.

my girlfriend and i are about to get married and are very much looking forward to having children, enjoy yours, its a beautiful thing to create another human being. :)

I know you wrote this a while ago but don't let the opinions of others affect you. I too am young and pregnant with my second - I got pregnant 9 months after having my first. My first pregnancy was high risk and they induced me early because of complications so I know all about being told it's risky to get pregnant again so soon. But things happen and you get pregnant when you least expect it. Best of luck to you on this challenging but wonderful experience.

Well its been a while since you wrote this so you must realy be showing by now...ha ha am a father of 5 ...4 boys and a little girl...and she is number 4...yes we had another after her...and he is a joy mater how hard you the end you cant take it with can only leave it behind...and children are the most beautiful things in the yes they can be little terros too....its good they are close in age........helps with bonding....good luck to you...and your better half..ha ha.....

Children are like arrows.....blessed be the man who's quiver is full.....


This a great news. I love children and hopefully will one very soon be a dad too.
I wish all the best and a save pregnancy and delivery in due time.

Gorgeous curves. I love pregnant women. They absolutely glow.

Sorry........ i just got back to EP about 2 days ago. I just saw this. Congrats. and how the woman must hate how in shape you stay for having two and one on the way. I bet some would kill to able to do that!<br />
Hope all works out for the best for you!

Cool, I'm about twenty one weeks too...I've lost count though. Ha ha! My pregnancy brain even forgot the due date even though they tell me all the time, it's written everywhere!

haha! Me either! Sometimes its taking care of them and being lazy with myself! <br />
<br />
Thank you Achilles

brwneybeauty, I hope you have joy in the new life growing inside you. Yes, it may be difficult to care for children born that close together, but everyone has problems. Eat well, get a moderate amount of exercise & keep in contact with people who speak positively towards your pregnancy.

Congrats.. =))

along with the 16 month old boy, ha, its lucky I even have a chance to write this comment. =)

Yes that would be her. haha


Thank you. =) Btw, I never got to tell you that I love the new name.

I say just follow your heart. While pregnant, it is very scary, but somehow once they get here, everything falls into place. Its like you the mother in you just comes to life. You will be amazed at how well you know that little baby, all the way down to each of its little cries.<br />
<br />
Also, poison control is your very best friend.

wow! I'm on my first and am scared to death, do you have any suggestions? :s

Of course. =)

Hehe thanks for pleasing me :P

Thank you. =)