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Lonely Pregnant Woman


I am pretty lonely alot of the time.  I live in a newly renivated house with my fiancee.  He is 4 years younger than I am and still loves to party.  He and I used to party together, but now I can't and I wish he would stop.  My weekends usually consist of him going out on Saturday nights and drinking his face off.  Because of this he is so hung over on Sunday's, he is miserable and doesn't really want to do anything.  I get lonely alot because most of my Saturday nights consist of me home by myself.  I never want to do anything because I am so tired and also I really don't have that many friends out here.  He on the other hand has ALOT!  I guess I wanted to write this email just to vent and also to get some advice of what I can do for myself while my fiancee is out boozing on Saturday nights and then recovering on Sundays. 

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Hi! Is this thread still active?I am experiencing the same thing right now and I am losing grip. I don't know what and how to keep myself sane anymore.I am 22 weeks pregnant. I have had instances wherein I bled because of too much strain and stress, emotionally, mentally and physically. I used to work but I had to stop because I would bleed from work related stress. At first, I have tried to request to work parttime in our company, to lessen the stress, but it didn't help much, and I also found out the company wasn't paying my healthcare so I decided to quit and work homeba<x>sed, unfortunately, I am still waiting for a call from a company that offers homeba<x>sed jobs. My fiance also resigned from his previous job so that he can take care of me and he also wanted to work homeba<x>sed. We don't have savings, honestly. He is lucky enough to get a homeba<x>sed job earlier than me. But he is not earning much. Well, he has just started, so yeah. Now we are broke and we had to ask for some help. He called his sister and asked to loan him some money, which she did. I also called my brother and asked for a loan, and he gave me some money too. Both loans from our siblings are just enough to cover our expenses until my fiance's next payday. The loans were given just last night.However, after getting the loan from his sister, I went to sleep because he is just busy conducting classes online(that is his homeba<x>sed job). When I woke up he wasn't around! I waited for 2 hours. Until I fell asleep again, and he came home morning, like 5:30AM. I asked what time he left and where he went. He said he left at 12midnight, and went to the bar that we always go to. I was furious!!!I ended up screaming at him, crying, and telling him that I want to go home.My hometown is two hours and 30 minutes drive from here. I haven't gone home since I found out I was pregnant, and my OB advised against travelling too much. My parents know I'm pregnant but they really wanted us to get married before the baby comes out. Anyhow, that is how our culture is in the Philippines, old folks value marriage too much. But anyway, back to my problem.---Yes, I am just too stressed out right now. And confused. He knows that we have having financial difficulties right now, but he would always go out and drink. And when we visit his family (it's a 15-minute drive from our apartment), he would also drink with his father and they would smoke even when I am there just beside them! He starts drinking from Friday evening, again on Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon until evening! It's like he never gets sick of alcohol. And by Monday, he is grumpy and couldn't focus with his homeba<x>sed online tutorial because it starts at 9AM, and he has a hangover!I kept telling him that is insane and he should cut back on drinking too much alcohol, which could not only save him from a bad hangover, but also save money! But he did it again last night! And I am now out of my wits, I want to go back to my hometown, be with my parents who can really take care of me. But he still begs me to stay and not leave him. I don't know what to do! T_TIf you could just help me. Please... I'd really appreciate it.

I am 22 years old and 38 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend was always by my side in the beginning. Always hugging me and telling me how much I mean to him. Lately, he doesn't seem to want anything to do with me. We live at my parents house and they are not home on the weekends. Therefore, it is just me and him. He will sit in another room entirely and not even aknowledge my existence. I cry almost every day and every night because I feel so alone and depressed. I don't really have any friends and the ones I so have are always busy. I want to spend time with him but instead he insists I hang out with my sister. If I stay home to be with him, he says he will sit in the other room all day. I feel so alone and anytime I try to tell him I want to spend time with him, his response is at least I'm not home alone. He may be here physically but I feel emotionally abandoned. Is this selfish of me? Really just need someone to talk to.

Hie i'm 25weeks preggo and my husband is not excited at all, he can not do anything to help me out, sometimes I get sick but really he doesn't care, he can't even ask me how I will be feeling. I'm so hurt. My tummy is so big that I can't wash my feet but I'm just alone in this whole mess. He don't have time for me, when he comes from work he goes straight to the bedroom without even greeting me, I don't what to do about this, I have been married for four years and we have been trying for a child, now that our prayer has been answered. Things are turning sour for me, I really need support guys cause I'm really hurt. He has never touched my bumb since I got pregnant. he really doesn't care if I ask him to help me do house cores he refuses, he does drink nor smoke I don't know what's really is in his mind. We just stay the two of us my family is very far, I'm new in town where I'm staying, no friends around I'm so lonely to the extend that I'm seeing devorce as a solution.

thats so sad hun,sorry to hear your in such a negative state of surroundings which of course affects the unborn child as well wen you should only be surrounded by positive loving supportive vibrations and with xtra tlc if theres any way i can help to make it better let me know ok!

TOO PREGNANT FEMALES OUTHERE IN DISTRESS,im a single guy with a big heart and very fond of pregnant females,im 47 yrs young still looking 28-30, im divorced 9 yrs my 3 kids are all growned and im living a single independent life at the moment im seriously intrested in having a pregnant girlfriend/wife/good friend and or one thats needs to simply get away from a bad baby boyfriend/father situation, THATS IN REAL NEED OF TLC,affection and love and attention ,even if its till the pregnancy is over,CAN I POSSIBLY BE YOUR HERO AND HAVE your HEART? lets get to know each other and see what happens,life is all about taking chances! my cell is(347) 316-3072 jay, if not too much to ask must be 25yrs of age or less only.

get your own friend go into website where there lonely mother lookiing for friends.dont be hugging your husband time of drinking and going out with his friend. Google kooking for lonely mother to be want a

I am 9 months pregnant. It is my 3rd child, and my 2nd with my boyfriend of 8 years. He won't marry me, he won't stay sober, and gets mad at me for wanting those things. I am 2 weeks from my due date, and I can't depend on him to stay sober...I mean what happens if I go into labor, who will drive? But when I confronted him about it he basically told me "there's the door". He just apologized to me yesterday for doing the same thing the day before. I am an emotional wreck, and on an emotional roller coaster from hormones and his on and off again love. I hate that he's doing this to me. I am so jealous of people with happy relationships and boyfriends/husbands that treat them with love and respect. He won't get help. He won't try anything different, then says that our relationship is not going to work but he doesn't seem to understand the reason it's not working is because he is an alcoholic. He can be such a nice guy and a good dad (when he's sober) but he treats me like I'm a inconvenience, a nag, and controlling. I have no money, no job, and about to have my third child. I just wish he cared about my feelings, and less about alcohol.

I can understand where you're coming from completely. I had that same problem. Unfortunately we cant make them change specially an alcoholic. The sad part is that until they reach rock bottom and lose everything is when they realize what they've lost and what really matters(family). Make yourself independent. Find a job. And leave with your babies. You really have to be happy within yourself to be able to fine the strenght. If an alcoholic doesn't respects himself or his body, what makes us think they can respect us. Be strong!

Hi I'm a first time mommy also I'm sorry to hear about all the abusive stories and things like that I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant which is 6 months and me and my boy friend spend alot of time together but he want to go to this party and i really don't want him to go but i said yes anyways but today i kinda got my feelings hurt by him he called me clingy but I'm pregnant and them my hormones don't get me wrong yes i love to be around him but i don't want to be clingy do you ladies Any Advice for me

talking abusive that abusive he telling you are being clingy.anyway as a man he need step up stop his childish talk and face up you pregnant he need all time serve you hand and knees .he **** the bed he need clean it up.he need put priority straight.he see you you and baby are number one.he need put childish play away you cant go out he neither and no way he cant drink.he need show muturity and responsibilities.try get him agree your term what you want from him. just bit compromise what best for both and baby ok.try enjoy pregnancy with your man.his dedicated type make he keep being sweet and attentive. do not let go out with his friends no more his responsibilities is you and baby and work and helping you all house work.friend thing left single life need friend get a couple that are father and mother to need whole new crew friend going same thing as you. and need family get together even more then ever. keep them more in your life.

Me too.. I moved overseas to be with my husband and I hate it here.. I live a lie. Our relationship is good since he stopped drinking so much.. he'd turn into a short fused psycho.. anyway I'm 5 months preg.. gave up everything to b with him since he couldnt come to my country. I miss my family, I can't speak the language here.. he works all day and does try to help me and get me out of the house, all I have is my dog.. I'm so happy I could bring her here but I'm miserable.. I'm not staying past my visa experation date (november 2014) and we are working on his visa.. if he can't come too idk what ill do..

You're not alone. My guy and I met at at party where the baby was conceived so with no prior commitment he doesn't want anything to do with me or the baby I'm having. He doesn't care. All I wanted to do was to care and he doesn't. He avoids me but still thinks we should be "cool" I've never felt so trapped used and confused in my life. And to top it all off he's white and I'm black and I happen to be 19. It's hard to find clarity in all of this

That's really sad i hope everything works out for you

Hey gal I think we on the same page, except mine is cheating a lot and beats just so sad and I cry all the time. I am 8 months pregnant but I feel I don't want this baby anymore

girl you have a job a education a degree any of those.we as woman dont need a man to raise a family as long you have your own mom and dad you can do it on your own. dont think doing anything stupid is not baby fault beautifully and sexy as a pregnant woman who strong manage without a man.he not a good daddy for your ba by God send you someone better put in prayer your life and your baby life

Honestly ur baby will be your everything your strenght. I'm so sad to hear what you're going thru. Embrace your bundle of joy and move on. Get rid of that looser. I'm sure u don't need him. You'll be happier without him. You should really put him in jail for that! Best wishes and hope all is well. Take care

well congrats and take good care of your baby :)

How far are you in the pregnancy?

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Yup I'm 18 weeks and right now it's a Friday night sitting on the couch by myself. No actually with his family. Hasn't called me but apparently he decided to call his dad to let him know he was at the pub. He is 26 by the way and lives with his parents... Apparently he is saving money but ive saved five times more while he spends money drinking beers! Cause he works hard... while i travel 2 hours each day and work 9 hours five days a week. Now He turned his phone off. . I don't mind him having drinks but he has been getting so drunk each weekend for the last month and he doesn't even bother to call me at all! I know when he stumbles home he ll have some excuse and say sorry . Hes sweet when hes sober but once over five beers hit his stomach he just doesnt care. I can get mad but what's the point he ll just do it again. I'm pregnantand now I feel like he feels I can't go anywhere so he doesn't have to try as hard. I would never just not call and turn my phone off I don't know what to do at least I'm not the only one.

Let him know how you feel! I remember when I was pregnant all i wanted was my man by my side all the time but with him working 2 jobs and going to school it was impossible, you just have to talk about it, set certain dates for him to go out because the rest of his free time should be spent with you!

I was alone when I was pregnant and was a single mom for years. I found so much support in small groups from my church when I was younger. I don't know if a church in your area would have this to offer-but it would give you support and a social circle that doesn't revolve around alcohol. Good luck to all of you!

My boyfriend dont stay out all night drinking he just goes and works for a little while for his buddy and the money he gets for doing that he goes and buys his beer and never ask me if i need anything or not and i am 8 months pregnant with his baby it hurts that his beer is more important to him than me or his baby boy maybe he will clean his act up when jr gets here but i doubt it anyway please let me know if anyone eles is going through this to ty

I feel very lonely, too. I moved to Texas with my boyfriend because of work. I left my family and friends behind. Here I don't know that many people. I'm six weeks pregnant and just found out a few days ago. My boyfriend has always been very independent. He doesn't include me in his life and we were arguing a lot about it. I was getting to the point where I wanted to leave him, because I was tired of trying to get closer to him. When I told him I was pregnant I thought things would change. I always thought that when it happened I would get spoiled by my partner. I thought i would have someone who cared if I hurt, or hug me and kiss me all the time. Someone who cared if I ate or if I'm cold. But nothing, he ignores me every time I mention the baby, or talk about anything else. His excuse is that he is busy with work. I don't understand why he brought me here if he wasn't gonna have time for me. I don't think he wants the baby. On the other hand I am very happy because I wanted to start my family a long time ago. But it's not how I wanted to spend my pregnancy. It's only been a couple days since we found out, but if things stay the same I rather go back home where I know I have a lot of people to care for me. But I am scared to do this alone.

First off, after reading all of these heart touching stories I'd like to say that I'm so releived other mommy to bes are going through a similar experience as mine, reaching out and expressing yourself to others that share similar situations makes a tremendous difference on ones overall emotional well being and seems to bring some sort of enlightenment to the dark tunnelOkay so nowits my turn to share my experience with this, my first, pregnancy. Last October after going through a parents death, my grandma dieing, my mom disowning me I decided to do something spontaneous with my life and moved from Kansas City to Chicago. I came to Chicago to leave my past behind and to start anew, little did I know the holdback this city had in store for me.....After being here for nearly a month I met a divorced guy nearly twice my age that sparked my curiosity and before I knew it we became "engaged" and fell in love. I ended up moving in with him. As things progressed I soon met his daughter whom he had from his previous marriage, which was really hard to deal with since she was only four but seemed to resent me and ask questions that made me feel extremely ackward.This bachelor like man, my fiance (I will call him 'Fred' from now on) has the raging hormones of an 18 yr old boy who jacks off every night to cheesy 80's ****. Has the party spirit of a newly initiated fratboy. He is the guy that rides his motorcycle that he doesn't even own all over the city of Chicago. He is the man with a sonorous laugh that can he identified and heard over a mile away. He is the man that wears a zebra print polyester shirt to his Friday morning meetings. Fred is the man that takes everything serious with a grain of salt. And I'm Pregnant. I'm pregnant with no friebds, no other place to live, no job, in a cold windy city. I'm so lonely and find myself constantly wondering if Fred will ever take me and the baby seriously. If Fred really loves me and if I am the only woman in his life. I constantly hope he will stop drinking a 1/2 bottle of whiskey every night and start planning for the baby and future because he is the only person I have.....And Believe me, knowing that scares the living $hit outta me.

First of all Ladys Wish yall the best n hope your SItuation gets Better... Lady i moved in with my bf at 18 n actually planned to have a child (both r first) now im 19 yrs old n 36 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy has been ruff the first 4 1/2 mnth i spend every meal in the bathroom bc i couldnt hold anything in. PLUS my bf worked 7 days a wk about 16 hrs a day. We bearly saw each other n wen he had a night n morning off the first thing he would tell me he was going out i didnt mind but i would get sad tht he wouldnt stay home. Exaclly at 5 1/2 mnths my baby pintched a nerve n i lost my legs i wasnt n still arent able to walk they actually have to carry me to go to the RR my bf still works the 16hrs a day so im with my mom shes the one tht is looking out for me but its like im alone weve never been close so its hard i had lots of friends till i got pregnant i feel so lonley i try to b strong for my baby thr i love very much but with me not beeing able to walk, no friends, my babys Father always at work ugh thhank god hce stoped going out n trys to spend more time with me but i still miss him alot , n have to be laying or sitting 24/7 :(( Ladys forget about your man n enjoy your pregnancy specially if its you first THIS MAY SOUND BAD BUT I WOULD GIVE UP ANYTHING EVEN HAVE YALLS PROBLEMS THAN HAVE TO BE IN BED NOT BEEING ABLE TO MOVE.

hy there im jay im a good loving man whom is into pregnant females i think there so lovely and deserve lots of tlc,i have my own apt and would like to share it with you,lets chat ,lets see what happens my cell is 347 316 3072 please first send me a text and a pic sothat i know ,and who knows what can happen and yes iam drug free and only drink some wine on a social level addiction free and a good head on my shoulders.

just adding to these that if theres any pregnant female outhere thats looking for a caring loving guy to give her all the attention she needs to dont hesitate to reach out to me even if its to just get away for a short period of time and its not long term thing of course long term if we happen to fall in love only god knows ,also ill cover traveling expenses if i have to but please no games be for real!

These men infuriate me. My husband and I started a family later in life ( age 40) so we didn't have this particular challenge but I've seen many friends go through the same thing. I believe expectant fathers go through a sort of "bachelor phase" one more time... They have this fear they will never have FUN again, so they tend to over do it.
I hope sincerely for you moms to be that your partners outgrow it, and embrace a new chapter. Maybe try finding a hobby you can share on the weekends that doesnt include, or at least isn't completely tied to drinking. A dinner party? ( especailly if you have any friends with kids or other expectant couples in your lives) movies, outdoor concerts, etc.

Going through the same thing. I am 35 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend just got a job 2 weeks ago. I let him use my car to get back and forth to work and he has been taking total advantage of it. He dropped me off at my parents early this morning Bc we don't have a phone and came back to tell me he was going to his friends and would be back by midnight. He also told me if I didn't let him take the car he was taking all the money and not paying the electric bill. I would bet my life that he doesn't bother to come back at all tonight and I wont see him until he gets off tomorrow night. I am so fed up with this and embarrassed by his behavior in front of people. I have been thinking about leaving for a while andthe only reason I haven't is Bc I didn't want a custody battle but at this point I really don't think he is going to want to step up once the baby's born anyway.

If he is like that now he will not change I know for a fact Iam 23 and have a newborn and a 2year old and I try so hard to give my husband yes I even married him and if you stay you\'ll end up really unhappy wait for him he\'ll leave you at home like me rite now all by your self if you ask him to do thing for the baby he\'ll be all **** off and may not say it but you know it or he won\'nt do it at all an then thier the I work so I don\'nt have to do any thing I\'m to tired. But he can stay at w/ his firends it doesn\'t matter the custody battle if you leave him before the child Born let him have them on hos day off and he can come and see them whenever he wants this may Change him it did my bd but he back to eefing up it gets better a little not really he just goes to work come home compline go to his cousin home and come home pass out and does it all agine the next day while I\'m
at home wit the babys wit no help crying and I have not just the baby a 2year old all cuz I thougth he change and we still fight and he sleep in the live room cuz my 2year old doesn\'t wants to sleep in her bed and cuz I have to breastfed in the nite I chose to not give her a bottle at all w/ my first I sleep In the liveingroom cuz she cry and he had to Go to work I hate for him to be upset and annoyed so I find myself doing more then I should did I mentioned cleaning up behind him no you do not want tobe in That kind, of sisuation he told you he wouldn\'t pay the bill you\'ll have it worse then me he never said that\'s really bad you may come home and he left you and the baby sweetie don\'t do this to yourself I\'m okay upset by him but I have a feeling it well work out he gotten better he doesn\'t stay at all nite nor cheat on me anymore he also take care of me and give me **** but he here for me

From experience with my first childs father, leave while you can, honey. I know it's hard and you may not want that torn up family but like others have said...if he's doing this now he'll only continue to do it post pregnancy. I really sympathize with what you're going through. I was there three years ago. Just know you're not alone and you can get through this! You're a STRONG mommy! :)

hello i am new at this but i can relate also i am 19 weeks my boyfriend or exboyfriend and i dont live together was never very susportive and now i am pregnant things got worst we do not get along or so he said i always wrong and he always right he already have two kids with this ex wife and then is all he care about i have hear from him about three weeks now every i am not perfect but it seems like every times i tell him he is not treating fair he stop talk to me if i dont call or showup at this house i wont he from him so this time i am trying not to contact him but is not easy waiting by the phone i was hoping things workout cause he is older than me but is not

Hi all, I know these are old posts but that's how i am feeling at 25 weeks, I had to give up work almost 2 months ago as work got too stressful. Home life has been so stressful with agruments with my brother to the point he was yelling at me in this case my partner and I have asked him to move out. I have been having horrible stomach pains due to stress, I just get so lonely, my friends never come to visit me they say they will but they don't. My boyfriend start work at 6:30 am and get home at 5:30pm in which he really just wants to relax have dinner, watch tv or go out to the pub. I don't always mind this but I've tried to explain to him that there needs to be a balance with spending time With me and his friends I just don't think he understands and always sys he hates when I say no or he needs more freedom but I very rarely say no, so always leave me confused.I have been thinking that I have depression, but I really think I'm bored and lonely. It's hard to o from working full time, independent, using my brain and accomplishing things. To none of the above. I really just want to be happy and enjoy being pregnant so if any one has any tips I would ever be so grateful as I really as struggling and cant seem to bring myself up from being so low that I just want to runaway.

It's hard when they are still wanting to party and live it up. It may be frustrating when they work all the time my frustration comes from him not wanting to work at all. I have income so it appears as if that now he's just with me because he now has another place to live (besides his parents) he's younger than me almost a decade. I'm really happy about being a first time mommy but, he resents my requests to work. I unfortunately had to stick to my guns and send him back to his parents. Knowing in the back of my mind now I will really be in this alone until he decides he wants to become responsible. Which could take a life time I'm told and from what I have seen from my own father some never do. If you are lonely and your man is working I would suggest reaching out to your local wic office or Pregnancy resource center or even the health department where other mom's to be are wanting to talk and find friends too. Its so easy to get stuck in wishing they were there for you but, sadly many men don't understand and are dealing with their own fears of becoming a parent. Especially, first timers. Find you a support network let yourself be vulnerable call your obgyn and ask her for resources of other mother's to be groups. I can tell you from experience that having people in my life other than ones that don't understand or have too many needs of their own that I cannot help with right now does wonders for my heart and self esteem. Please, reach out and look up Ted talk on youtube there's a vulnerability talk on there that's amazing. But, please, if you are feeling sad and discouraged I encourage you to reach out to someone even at a local church or non profit agency who can mother you a bit and love on you a bit and do something really special for yourself. If no one is there to nurture you nurture yourself. Pamper yourself. Let them fend for themselves for a bit... Know you are not alone and you don't have to be. Best wishes to you.

I feel the same way. Im 32 and my fiance is 4 years younger than me. We live in Turkey - he is Turkish, I am foreign. Since I got pregnant no one I know sees me. I cannot go out like I used to because generally all my handful of friends go out drinking. My fiance goes out and its always the same thing. I think he is coming home, then he calls late to say he met up with someone and will not come home. It is winter, there is no one to call or talk to, I live far away from the centre. Im bored stiff to the point that I seriously wish I was not pregnant and cannot wait for this baby to be out of me. I work full time, go to gym, try reading but cant read for some reason these days, knitted a blanket, painted, watched every DVD i have about 5 times. Boredom continues.. I have had enough.. Im thinking of you.

Thanks for writing this post. I am in a similar situation: nearly 35 weeks pregnant, 23 yrs old & boyfriend won't stop partying. We live in separate cities since I've finished working (on maternity leave) and since coming to visit 4 days ago, he has been out every single night. Tonight was the final straw when he was invited to another party! (He's a student). I told him how he doesn't understand what it's like for a woman to sacrifice her body for the good of the unborn baby which mostly involves staying in. I am active and have had a smooth pregnancy thank God, but every time i leave the house HE tells me off for 'over doing it'. He doesn't spend 'quality' time with me. At the moment after the argument, he's still here watching the tv in his pants, ignoring me. If i ever suggested to go out anywhere with him now, he would say 'there's no money/i don't feel like it' etc etc. On top, i can't help but think he's cheating on me casually. Not with 'one' girl, but random girls. This is a rant i didn't expect to share on a random website, but I feel better already. Only a few weeks to go until I have freedom with my baby (possibly from him)- oh sorry our parents are all but forcing us to get married because of the baby (old fashioned). That's for another post really...

I am 26 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend works seven days a week twelve to fourteen hour shifts. He barley goes out and when he does I don't trip because as much as he works I feel he deserves it (compromising) and being understanding. My problem with him is he doesn't help around the house. Doesn't cook, clean, wash clothes, clean the tub, etc. NOTHING! Financially he provides ad I'm at home along by myself. I have a eleven year old son so it's almost like I'm starting over again. We dont cuddle, barely have sex, and he's always tired and falling asleep where ever he's at. Most the time he sleeps in the living room because he snores. I think I'm handling the situation good because my first bd put me threw hell. So I'm not that stressed. It's just sometimes I vent to him about how I feel and he usually will get off the phone with me because I'm nagging. I love him but sometimes I hate to be around him. He comes to some doctor appointments with me (this is his first). I guess I'm just scared I will have to do this along once the baby is here because he works so much and is always sleepy. I hope not!

i am 32 weeks pregnant and have issues moving around so he has been picking up my slack. I live with him and he supports me.. I moved in with him and live hours away from anyone I know. I do not have a job and so being home while he is at work sucks as is but then depending on the time of years he is always busy.. Right now it is hunting, He spends all his weekends hunting and when I try to get a second of his time he makes me feel bad by saying I am trying to take away everything that is important to him. and trying to control him. when I just want some time alone.. he says I have all week after he works. but He is always doing little things and never really giving me his full attention then going to bed early.. Then he uses the excuse its just hunting is important to him and then I have all the weekends year round. But that isnt true. Because he then has soft ball and hockey and and then he always watches football. and I end up with hardly any time with him at all. He is pretty respectable when it comes to drinking, he was never much of a drinker. But always seems to care about His fun and what he does or doesnt get to do.. I dont have any friends around here so have no one to hang out with. My family isnt close and I dont have many good friends, so I dont really have anything to do without him. He says I can do whatever I want whenever I want because I have all this free time.. But I cant. unless I want to do something alone.. an after awhile doing things alone sucks... I just want him to care about how I feel and want to hang out with me over hunting or softball... But I dont even compare these days... Before I was pregnant he would give up anything to hang out with me. but now that I am stuck here, I feel he takes advantage of me and I am just here when he has nothing to do... I cant leave him to show him how it feels because I have no where to go. and he knows that. I try to tell him how I feel and he just continues to say I have taken everything from him and I give nothing.. But I left everything I knew just to be with him.. and now Im just sad.. Everytime I try to tell him how I feel he sometimes turns it around like I am the bad one and being selfish for feeling what I do. I used to love being with him, but I hate even seeing him because the only time I do is when he has nothing else to do, so it makes me resent the sight of him.. I try to ask him how he would feel If I left him with the baby and didnt consider how he felt. but he just says he would love having alone time and love hanging out with the baby.. There is no winning and no getting across to him how I feel.. I feel helpless and completely alone. I want to leave and move in with my mother at least until I have the baby so someone will be there for me. But then I will look like a bad person... Maybe I am just over emotional from being pregnant... But being alone everyday for months makes a person go a little crazy, and then having the one person who is supposed to care be mad when you want to spend time with then, It just makes a person feel worthless and unwanted. I know he would never do this before I was pregnant, because he would know I would just find something else to do. But its like he never thinks about how I feel now. I just dont get it. and I dont know what to do. Im tired of being taken for granted.

I completely understand how you feel! Some times I feel so lonely I want to scream and shout just to get my OH to understand how I feel. I feel desperate, trapped and isolated and the only one friend I have (my OH) doesn't understand how I can't be happy sitting at home all day long. No friends at all and no family near me means I'm stuck doing kids stuff all day long. Just wish he could tear himself away from his tv after his long day at work for long enough to talk to me for just half an hour or so. I feel for you I really do and i hope you feel happy again soon xx

You could find someone to fulfill your needs while he's out drinking!!!