26 Weeks !!

I am 26 weeks now and i just feel like the fattest mose miserable person ever!

Any one else feel or felt like this during there pregnancy. I can wait until i have this baby!! I am so excited and i cannot wait to meet her. But she is killing me. Its very hard to work full time come home to a 5 yr old and be pregnant.. But i love my kids and wouldnt change my life for anything. I Just had to let that out

LuVoFaLiFeTiMe LuVoFaLiFeTiMe
22-25, F
2 Responses Nov 29, 2009

Just try to remember...it isn't meant to be permanent.

with my daughter i gained around 75 lbs and she was only 5 lbs when she was born. so far i gained 24 which is great but i still feel like a ballon