I Found Out Earlier This Week.

Over the last week or so, I'd been tired, with bouts of just general not-feeling-well. I went on a weekend drive with my partner and a friend, and we stopped at a grocery store, and the various odors of the shop made me feel sick to my stomach, and I had to leave.

In the back of my head, I was thinking, "something's not quite... right. Something's different."

And then the little voice in the back of my head said, "maybe I should pick up a pregnancy test."

So... I did. And tuesday morning, finally actually peed on the little stick. And the little blue + sign popped up almost immediately. I was in denial, of course. The insert said to not read the results until at least 2 minutes had passed. So I studiously avoided looking at the stick for 2 whole minutes. Then I looked again. There was the little blue +.

I sat there for a while.

Eventually, I went back into the bedroom and woke my sweetie up. "Honey, I need to tell you something."

I was a mess of emotions at that point, crying, scared, excited, scared, mostly scared. My sweetie and I had talked about having a baby, and we both wanted to have a baby, but neither one of us actually expected this to be happening. Hell, I was on the pill.

I ended up calling in sick. Luckily, I actually had a previously-made appointment with my doctor for that afternoon. Before my sweetie left for work, I asked him how he was doing. It hadn't really become real to him yet, so he was avoiding freaking out. I asked him if he wanted me to call him when I was done at the Dr, to let him know definitely, one way or the other, what the deal was, or if he wanted to wait until he got home, and he said I should call him.

I spent some time that morning talking to one of my dear friends who'd been in a similar situation when she got pregnant with her first child. It really really helped. (Funny thing, later my sweetie told me, "I was actually going to suggest that you talk to her...")

At the doctor's, I peed in a cup, and got confirmation. Still scared. The kind of scared where it's not so much worried about your own self, but about how everything is actually going to work out. I was scared about how my sweetie was going to react. My Dr told me, "you do have options" but I said that I couldn't really conceive (ha ha) of going through with either an adoption or a termination. I'm all for having those options.. but I don't think that I could ever exercise them.

She ran through a bunch of questions, things to expect, most of which flew in one ear and out the other. I got blood drawn for prenatal + HIV testing, and I have to go in next Monday for an ultrasound so that they can see just how far along I am.

I'm pregnant. Holy crap.
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Wow, 2006 was such a long time ago. It was the year I finished kindergarten, wow.

Funny this ends up on the front page of EP before one signs in. Her 'baby' should be seven or eight years old by now...

you'll get through this as it will be a great journey and the toughest thing you'll ever undertake in your life all wrapped up in a tiny blanket. As some below said don't feel you are alone as you are not.

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Um firstly, Congratulations. Secondly, Congratulations. Thirdly, every one thinks that they are the first person that this happens to. You are not alone. You are not the first and will not be the last. It is like a wonderful and frightening electric jolt as it changes your idea of who you are and the plans that you have in life. I am sure you will be fine and grow into your role as a parent.

Hate to disappoint you but the plans we have in life, seldom work out as we expected. Enjoy this journey and I have every confidence that it will be a wonderful ride, full of trials and tribulations.


Too bad she didn't update this to see how things went for her and her sweetie. Would have been interesting to know the outcome.


so he/she is about 7 now.

Omg this was in 2006...

You are blessed!

congratulations and good luck on the parenthood road ahead of you! :)

Posted: October 6th, 2006
People still responding like it JUST happend xD But yeah congrats lol

Hahaa.. :P :D

Congratulations! Your life has just begun!



Many congrats and best wishes for you and your new family!

Congratulations! I bet you'll be a wonderful mom, and I'm sure everything will work out just fine. Good luck. :)

If it is your first baby it will be scary but trust me if you and your partner are all for having a baby then maybe this is a good thing but really you two need to sit down and discuss this and the future so you both are on the same page but just hang in there I really hope it all works out for you and congrats :)

What a beautiful experience. You have gone in to great detail to let us know of your.
Thank you

Nice story but it's old already.

Yes, your right. Most of people (including myself) don't always look at the dates of the stories:)

So your kid should be 7 now? should be in self defense classes by now and learning the ropes.

chores for pocket money etc...

Congratulations. I hope everything works out well for you, your baby and your relationship. It's a very exciting time.

So, what is the question that you need help with?

If people waited for the perfect time to have a baby, I think our species would die out. lol Congratulations!!

Breath, and above all, don't panic. There is a lot of information about parenting and there are many support groups out there as well. The bottom line is that there is always help to those who ask. When we found out, we learned we were having twins. Talk about Yikes! Still, as difficult as the pregnancy was for us, we had tons of help and parenthood was by far the best experience of my life and the most rewarding. Just take it one day at a time until you settle down mentally. Then you can start preparing and planning.

And, congratulations!

Aww, congratulations! I'm sure you'll be a great mom :)

If u r choosing to go through with this u should know a baby is never a mistake and it will be. The greatest adventure of it life listen to every piece of advice u get and know that each pregnancy is different some people love it some hate it but know 1 thing this person is going to make u a mother FOREVER and this person is going to need u more than u could ever conceive at times it going to freak out and other time it going to be totally in control an ur hormones screw ur emotions up up BIG TIME just never regret it decisions an ask ask ask every question an know that not one question is stupid it only becomes stupid if u do not ask I hope u have a healthy beautiful baby an all goes well oh ONE LAST THING U WILL HEAR TONS OF HORROR STORIES SHUT THOSE PEOPLE DOWM VERY FAST U WILL REGRET HEARING THEM AN YES GIVING BIRTH HURTS PHYSICALLY BUT WHEN ITS ALL OVER WITH U COMPLETELY FORGET ABOUT THE WHOLE DELIVERY PROCESS

Congratulations! I applaud your decision to keep the baby. I pray that everything is and will continue to work out for you and your "sweetie".

The same thing happened to me with the pregnancy test: it was positive immediately, I still waited the 2 minutes and of course it was still positive after that. I'm freaking out, haven't told my partner yet. I think I will exercise one of the "options", this was an accident, we're not ready for this.

But I hope all the best for you and your baby :)

It must be so thrilling and wonderful for you. Yeaaaa.

Wow! What a big load of information to deal with! Congrats!

The only thing you need to worry about is what is best for you. Don't get married because you are having a baby if you dont want to. Don't let other people dictate what you should and should not do. My parents got married because they had me, and what followed was probably the most unhappy 20 years of both their lives.

If you continue with the pregnancy, here are some suggestions. Gummi pre natal vitamins are better on the stomach. It is up to you when you want to tell family, though I would probably wait until the end of the first trimester. You may want to let your work know, that way if you are more tired than usual they don't think that its drugs.

Nothing mirrors my experience more..

I think that you and your boyfriend really need to talk about marriage plans, if you know what I mean.

im the sane way i found out last week

Am nearing the end of my third pregnancy and I am exhausted and huge. My breasts have gone up three sizes to a 40 E and I sleep in my nursing bra so my toddler can help herself at night. My husband still wants to nurse me too but my nipples are so sore I try and keep him away. Even though I know I'm going to forget what this feels like so I know I'm going to want another baby. But I think this it.

heeeeyyyyyyyyyy<br />
Congrats on becoming a mother.:) Im a teen so i thought a couple of things you might want to know.<br />
No matter what we say, we ALWAYS love you:)<br />
Childhood is the most important thing, and constentaly remind your child of just how much you love him or her.<br />
Never hit your child, we do remember everything that happens. <br />
Babies first poop are blue are green:)<br />
And mushey peas are NEVER tastey:) <br />
Best of luck. and congrats, and don't worry everything is going to be fine, just love and thats all that matters:)

I'm wondering what you do for a living.<br />
I'm wondering what the father of your baby does for a living.

children are such a blessing..One of Gods many gifts to human kind..

Mackayla,Did I miss something? What are you talking about?She's having her baby-right?

I am wanting to have a baby . I cant afford to adopt .I have two beautiful sons . If you are looking for a fantastic Mother for your child please interveiw my kids, they will tell you the truth about me ! Im confident you will want me as a Mother for your child .

Congratulations! I had my first (and only) baby fairly late in life. I too was scared and yes you do get a lot of advice. Just keep healthy and gets lots of rest - you gonna need it - ha ha. Best of luck. Let us all know how you are going.

Your in for an experiance, and adventure. I wish you all the luck! <br />
<br />

Its great you are so excited about it. I am 8 months pregnant at the mo and at this stage i just want the baby out. This is my third pregnancy so i am biggest i have ever been and its so uncomfortable. But it will be worth it. GOOD LUCK!!!

It's fantastic that you're excited about it.<br />
I'm happy for you =) I also really respect the fact that you like HAVING options but don't feel the need to EXERCISE them. Congrats

Congratulations!!!! I have a 10 month old and I love being a mother =)<br />
PLease please please....<br />
Everyone and their dogs are going to give you advice, but chances are that NONE of it is going to work. As ironic as that sounds. ...but.....<br />
one thing is true:<br />
GET AS MUCH SLEEP AND REST AS YOU CAN, WHILE YOU STILL CAN... you're going to need it because you wont be getting any for the next 18-20 years once your baby comes! LoL

Congratulations! :) Have you been for your first u/s yet?