This is my 6th pregnancy. I've only had 2 live births. But I'm finally past the half way mark and I'm feeling fabulous! I'm so excited about this baby. My SO and I planned the entire thing, so it was no surprise - we both wanted to have a baby and it certainly makes a difference in the entire experience. We're due May 22. And the u/s tech says it looks to be a girl (although she wasn't 100% sure b/c the baby kept her legs pulled up the entire time). I can't wait til May. To make it even more exciting my BFF of 14 yrs is due only a few days before me.

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I'm 8 months right now with my first! Try to help me out with my post please since you've been through it obviously

aww congrautlations..<br />
Im 9 months preg now with my 2nd daugther and im going crazy!!!