Pregnant And Terrified.

As a few of you already know, I'm pregnant.

My fiancé is amazing, and we're incredibly happy together and although this isn't something we planned I know we'll make it work.

So yes, I'm 18 and I know it's young and I'm so, so scared of not being a good mother but I know no matter what happens my child will always be surrounded by the love and support of it's parents and our families.

Everyone here on EP has always been amazingly supportive and no matter what your reactions or judgements, this is something I want to share with you.

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and come the 7th September there should be a little Blimey in the world :)

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hi my name is neeky. i am currently 18 weeks & 4 days pregnant. & as well as you i will be a teen mom to. im 19 years old. the father of my child is supporting me 100%. he is in the navy but he comes home in june and we are going to gett married as well. dont think your too young to where you cant handle anything. no matter how old or young you are no one is really ready for a child but you can prep yourself as much as possible. the only way you will learn is if you go through the experience on your own. i was scared too. but i am almost half way thru my pregnancy and i know that theres gonna be a little one who NEEDS someone to keep them safe and i sucked up my fears. i think your gonna be a great mom. jst believe that you will. and i wont say this will be an easy rode your taking so be prepared for the tough times as well by im sure that baby will make you at ease. feel free to add me and check out everyones experience on her as well

He's freakin' adorable :)

Bit late in the day but genuine congrats on the birth of your little one


Awww thankyou, that means a lot :)

Bahaha, baby Vagginkel indeeed :D It's gonna be super cute.

Baby Vagginkel. Hell ******* yes, m'dear.

Thankyou, I think I'll be needing all the luck in the world haha.

Congratulations to you both :) I got preggy with my 1st girl when I was 19. I had her then turned 20 three weeks later. You will be just fine and I wish you all the love and luck in the world. god bless

Aww thankyou guys :D<br />
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Thanks Tummie, I'll check it out :)

Ohhh I dunno lol. I would guess that Virgo's are more down-to-earth than gemini's since they're earth signs and we're air signs. If you're reeeeeally interested, here's the link to the description: <br />
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And if you're reeeeeally interested x 10, here's the astrological description of mercury: <br />
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Aah I see. So what are Virgo's normally like then?

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo signs.

Haha I have no idea what that means!

That means both of you will have Mercury as the ruling planet of your signs! :D (couldn't resist throwing astrology in there lol)

Thanks Tummie :D ((((((Tummie))))))

Congratulations! :)