This may will be my 18th birthday. And im 23 weeks pregnant. I've done everything i can do m ake a plan for myself to ensure the best life for me and my child. My boyfriend is 20 and works full time, and will be moving in with me at the end of this month. No matter how hard we try, and how much we plan. It seems ill always be thrown into the negative sterotype of an unfit teen mother. Just because this may have not gone according to my previous life plan, doesnt mean i will be a less than great mother, or that i will have a failing relationship with my boyfriend. Though i see why many people would see this as a bad thing, i just wish more people understood that there are wonderful mothers out there who had their children at a young age, planned well, and today are very succsessful.

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i can completely understand this situation. Although i am 22 and my partner is 24 we look quite young, and people tend to judge us. Unfortunately we just have to ignore other people and tell them where to shove it.. which can be hard!
But in the end i imagine it will be all so worth it!

If you're doing the best for your child then you are doing a great job! Nothings ever going to be perfect and children aren't ever going to be easy to raise. I had my daughter at 19 (pregnant while 18) and we're doing wonderful. Sure things are harder at times because we're a bit young, but that in no way makes us unfit parents. We'll get through life while learning and growing with our child, which makes it so much more fun and easier to appreciate it all. My husband has his career all but set now and I am going continuing college before long to continue on my path. But most importantly is our daughter and she's having a great life which makes everything else worth it all!

I does not matter what people think or say be the best mother you can be as long as you give your child a loving happy life you are successful

Good Luck to the future. All any of us can do is do our best. I always prayed for knowledge for my children and patience for myself. And then I tried to be as good a mom as I could, I had a good role model, I think my Mom was a great mother and my Dad a great father. They were older when I came along, my Dad was 40 and mom 32. My sister said the people that can't afford to have children should not have children, and Mom said, well if we had waited till we could afford children, we wouldn't have had them. So there you go, I thought thats was an excellent come back.