Pregnant At 19

Hi, I'm a nineteen year old female (well obviously female if I'm pregnant) I just got back from the hospital after 2 weeks there. I was having pregnancy problems, thorwing up too much, very weak, and bleeding. Everything's fine now. I was worried my baby was going to die. i thought that if that happened i would die. My baby is still safe inside me, growing and alive. I'm absolutely escatic. I'm three months pregnant, and I still haven't really gotten used to it. i see a box of tampons under my sink and i feel, i dunno, like diseased or something.. I know, I'm only pregnant, but I'm always expecting something to happen. One mistake and i keep thinking i could cost the life of my child. I'm finally started to see a little bump out. not much, but enough to notice in the mirror. I'm very excited. I just had to share that :P

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Thank you, I will definitely keep that in mind. I need all the advice possible Thank you :)

Best wishes!

Thank you, quanta and WhyForever :)