Bring It

I've done my research. Read the books, watched the movies. I have a plan and supplies ready. Call me crazy, but I'll be the one with the ammo, so don't come crying to me if you don't make it through the virus.
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2 Responses Jun 15, 2011

I have a good brain teaser for you: So you've managed to secure yourself and your family. Wonderful. Now what happens when the people in the power plants run off to save their own families and leave the plants. We all know the power will eventually go out. Sure, we got flashlights and candles -- but what do you do when nuclear power plants go all Fukushima on us? No point fighting the zombies if you die first of radiation poisoning.

true that. there's going to have to be zombies in order for the apocalypse to occur. some of us will have to go first..

It's always good to have the zombie back-up plan, but if it ever happened... we'd be screwed. As long as people remember the importance of the nuclear powered and water plants, it should all be somewhat good. lol

Both of my daughters convinced me to be prepared. I have a secureable place, food, water & ammo to maintain me & mine. One daughter is a nurse. Most everyone laughs but who knows. Keep the faith