I Refuse To Eat My Friends...

I just won't do it.  Will you make a pact with me?  No way can I eat any one of my friends. Deal?

But if you have made my enemies list... well, that's another story altogether!  :):)

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6 Responses May 15, 2012

i promise not to eat you,but i may be tempted to nibble on your neck......

I have a difficult time liking most humans; I will not eat another human being even if I were starving and they were covered in Old Jim's BBQ sauce.<br />
<br />
Promise granted.

Nah. Doesn't Bull's Eye have Fructose Corn Syrup in its ingredients? I want to be healthy for the apocalypse and maintain my figure.

I'm to skinny not enough meat on theses old bones

Thank you

I am a little bit of a biter naturally so I have to be real careful not to get mistaken for a zombie prematurely! So....I'll avoid biting anyone for fun or otherwise before I become a real zombie and once I do...hubs can just tie me up at home cause we are totally outfitted for, "tie-up" fun. There... you should be safe from me now!! :D

We do practice!! :D Ya just gotta be ready for this stuff when it hits!! :O

I can't even take a nibble off your back?

I promise not to eat you if you become a zombie....I will however be prepared to take you out should you "forget" and try and take a bite outta me. No hard feelings, you can't be expected to remember these details when that brain craving takes over.