What The Zombie Means To Us

The zombie apocalypse is ingrained into our society, we see it and prepare for it, but what does the zombie mean to you? Does it represent mankind's arrogance in medical science, does it represent the urge to dull your conscience while slaying another human being, does it represent conflict in society?
It is true that we are coming upon a time of social and economic collapse that will leave a haunting image on humanity, but to me the human obsession with the undead is a denial. The denial of human compassion to another human being, the denial of the right to live to someone who would jeopradize your existence if left alone. Would you rather see a zombie trying to rip you apart or another human being trying to survive just like you. Picture yourself sitting in a temporary shelter of a burned out building while eating a candy bar you scavenged from a gas station, yes its probably not very edible but it reminds you of another time where you don't have to deal with the psychological scar of damning another. You hear a noise, brush rustling and peek over the wall with your gun simed out words. What do you want ot see, do you want to see another human being looking for food and trying to survive that may or may not jump you or do you wanna see a zombie.

The zombie represents something you cannot reason with and you just kill, its a sleeping part of you un exercised, its your imagination. Many people don't want to think, they come home and they sit and watch tv. These people will be the most dangerous to you in this situation, they have no imagination and locked away their own emotional state. They want to live and if you have emotional competence they will exploit it, they will kill you and take your stuff and not think one twinge of the conscience while doing it. Do you want the noise to be a zombie that you can shoot with no conscience twinge or have it be a human being like you trying to survive?

The zombie for me is not a biological disease raising corpses to eat the living, it is the cannibalized thought process we lose when we kill another human being without cause or justification.
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4 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I found this interesting, and I like your way of seeing.

It means I need to buy more ammunition for all my existing firearms, buy *MORE* firearms, practice more etc....and on the bright side: I'd then get to hunt my favorite prey (hopefully they r the "intelligent" kind of zombies!) and it isn't illegal even!! I'mma hunter, Imma killer.

They represent everything society creates that will bring about ruin... even our attempts to cure diseases that are simply making diseases more resistant

The question could be, what is Dr. Frankenstein's opinion of zombies?