Preparing With Family.

So recently my family decided we would spend a weekend surviving from zombies. No electronics, if batteries die then tough. You get "bit" you are dead for the weekend (bit is just when a little piece of tape located on all of our clothes is bitten off by the zombies. We even had some of our cousins and neighbors volunteer to be zombies. Now in our family my dad and brother are in really good shape, my sister is just a chubby kid, and me and my mom are obese. We had 7 zombies and we have a pretty big backyard. Almost 2 acres. So once it started we had 10 minutes to get supplies from the house while the zombies try to surround the house. We quickly grabbed flashlights, a camping tent, a loaf of bread and a few granola bar and 1 water bottle. We then had to look for an exit. Front door and side door had zombies out it. Back door was permanently locked since no one used that door in years. We decided we would have to climb out a window and book it to a nice spot for a camp. My dad threw open the window 3 feet and he jumped three kept watch while holding the single paintball gun. My dad shot one of the zombies (Rule is zombie can get up after 30 minutes) then my brother jumped out then my dad helped my sister then me, then my mom which was a bit tight. Then we ran to the pool area on the other side of the house. We booked it and I slipped and fell luckily no zombies too close so I quickly got up and kept running. Me and my mom quickly fell behind the rest of the group. That's when I heard mommy and my sister was running towards her with a zombie hot on her heels. We thought we were screwed until he dropped dead and my dad shot him with the paintball gun. So we all took off and finally made it to the area. We unlocked the gate and all got in safe and sound. We quickly set up the tent and fell asleep eating some of the bread. We went to sleep with my brother on watch. When he was on watch he must have fallen asleep because we woke up and zombies were all around the fence. As my dad woke him up he turned around and showed him it. As he was just standing there one of the zombies dropped down. Then another. And another. We were all confused then we saw my ex-military uncle (my moms brother) standing there with a paintball gun and he was with his daughter (my cousin) and his son. He yelled to us and one of the dead zombies whispered saying they were a rival group. He was talking to my dad about sharing supplies, and when my dad refused my dad got a paintball right over his heart and dropped. We were all freaking out because we thought he was our best chance at survival. Then he took my mom with him and also took my brother with him and left to go in the house. He also let the zombies in in the one gate and all that was left was me and my sister. I'm too heavy to jump a foot let alone climb a fence quickly and my sister was too little. Soon the zombies got closer and figured I had to safe myself I told my sister sorry and ran around the zombies. Last thing I heard was her scream and I kept going. Then I saw through the window my mom being tied to the railing poles and my brother being tied to another railing pole. I am kind of keeping an eye on my surroundings but not really. Then I see my cousins sit down to keep watch on them when I hear a growl and turn around and one of them is right there and grabs me pushes me on the ground and bites the tape off my shoulder. Then I hear 2 paintball shots, then a 3rd and my brother and mom come running outside and my mom says something about finding us and then going further in the yard when they see all the zombies from the pool area coming right towards them and my brother and mom run but my mom mysteriously trips and all the zombies start "devouring her". My brother makes it a few more feet until a different zombie gets him. End of story. Should we try this again but with anything changed? What do you think would have happened if my uncle never showed up?
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And firends

That sounds fun I'll suggest that to my family

Nice idea