To Survive This Is What I Recommend

First you need weapons. I prefer an assault rifle and a shotgun using what I can find when I out of ammo, but everyone likes different things. Next, gather family and friend to help you survive and save survivors and add them to you group, but be careful because they may be infected but don't know it so if they have ANY signs leave them. Killing them isn't good because they may not be infected. Also although having as much protection as possible is a good ideas, remember the more people, the more supplies you'll need so don't add TOO many people. Remember you can have too much off good thing. You could also join a group too. Find shelter immediately and barricade it. Also gather as many supplies as you can along the way among sure their safe. When you're running low, send a few heavily armed volunteers to gather the supplies. One more thing ALL WAYS have a plan to escape the fort, for if you run out of Ammo ect, ect, ECT. Come up with a scenario for everything and solve it with as few casualties as possible. Then make scenarios for scenarios. You can never be too careful. Remember the survivors will be under a lot of stress to try to keep a calm mood while still being cautious. Some good places to set up a fort is in a grocery store with few places for zombies to get in or a weapons shop. One will provide you with food, the other with ammo for protection. Tell me your ideas in the comments.
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1. I agree. Protection is important
2. I agree. Collecting supplies as you go is important
3. I agree. Escape plans on your bunker is important. Never go anywhere without an escape plan.
4. I agree. Plans for plans is important.
5. Keeping your group calm will be an ongoing thing but just as important as anything else.
6. I live in a city of 4 million people. When the world goes to hell, the sound of a gun shot is only advertising your location to the infected. Hand to hand weapons, sounds like a good plan until there are 1,000 of them all trying to lunch on your flesh at the same time. Not even Chuck Norris will play them odds.
7. As hard as it will be to leave loved ones. Forget friends and friends and think tactical about who will better perform and who you trust. Anymore then 6 in your group and you will burn through food and water like its not even there.
8. If you suspect someone is infected. Killing them would be the merciful thing to do. There is NO exception to this rule.
9. I disagree with heavily armed runner/gatherers. What if they do not come back? All that armory is gone. Besides that, the less they are carrying when they leave the more they can bring back.
10. Grocery stores and ammunition shops are the worst place's you can bunker down because in a post apocalyptic world these place's will be magnets to starving survivors.

agreed with all points. I was only 12 or just turning 13 when i wrote that so font expect me to have everything planned out XD. im 13.7 now anyway but thats beside the point. i plan to rewrite it

Please don't think I am criticizing what you have written here. I was playing what is known as devils advocate. Which means:

(to put forward arguments against or objections to a proposition which one may "actually agree with" purely to test the validity of the proposition)

I do this on a regular basis to most people. It separates the herd. I think it is already obvious that you could very well be a natural born leader.

thx i get that a lot. i had a palm reading and it said natural leader, every time

what i try to do is plan for EVERY possibility that comes to mind

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You need a variety of weapons and guns (rifles, handguns, shotguns) should be used sparingly. Blunt or sharp weapons, hand to hand are the way to go. A big *** machette, a tomahawk, baseball bat, etc. Save you guns/ ammo for when you really need it.

You really are a natural leader!

U sound like a good scout like u know everything about survival! wow.

This is a repost, this was previously posted with my old account just so you know.