New Name For Zombies?

I agree with the fact that it's possible.. However, perhaps not raising from the grave or anything. Think of all the stories you hear about cracked out, drugged up Meth heads with super strength that go on killing sprees!! Cops shoot them how many times and they dont go down? They can bend/break or destroy things most normal people couldnt....

We are just so close to a full out Bio war. Look at 9/11 how we were getting hit with anthrax!! Whos not to say someone isn't cooking up some sort of Bio weapon that unleashes something similar to Meth/PCP whatever... Then it turns into a 28 Days later scene where everyone is all rage induced and going on killing sprees too!! Sure sure its not the typical zombie scene. But Mass people killing people with super human strength... Meh.. Reminds me of 28 Days Later or other "Zombie" ish movies.... Something to think about at least...

BE READY!!!...... rawr..

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Tell me. Exactly how does chemicals used for making meth, which are the very same household products under your sink, cause "zombie-like" symptoms such as cannibalism and superior strength? It won't unless the right chemicals are used. They won't be in household products though. That story sounds more like an experiment. Suppose the government is creating a bio-weapon. They could use it to take out enemy nations in a matter of days with more people like the one in the infamous "Zombified drug addict" story. Who's to say they aren't truly trying to create zombies? It's not impossible. They can already revive people with certain things like Shock Paddles. We're on the verge of a war that most won't survive. Problem is? People are ignorant. It'll be out of control before they realize it, if they do make zombies.

Dont mind , name . I got some anphax

Hello zombie fans!!! Checkout this new show...<br />
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It probably won't be the 'dreaded disease' that kills us.. but the vaccinations *against* it...<br />
"Just trust your government - and everything will be alriiight...."

or the signal watch the signal...that is totally another way that they could induce the zombieness

lol well think of it this way Dodo, if you DO have canned beans, AND a box of matches, then if those limy buggers actually DO get in, the two components listed above, when mixed carefully, do come in as a handy flame thrower.

*makes a shopping list for zombie outbreak preparation* Hey, I think I'm going to have to move, there's not enough space for a year's supply of canned food! Any tips on how to deal with canned baked-bean "side effects" in enclosed spaces???

Hehehe to Tardydodo and Marji. Yes, aside from all that, you can make sure you have a year supply of canned foods, things that dont need to be cooked, bottled water, flash lights and all that jazz!! Lol Preparing for zombie outbreak is a lot like preparing for any long term disaster. It's good to do regaurdless, lol but mind you, if you can lock up your home and have a year supply of foods and water during an outbreak, that would be super. lol Thanks for your comments!

Errr... how does one prepare for your particular variant of zombie outbreaks? Short of buying body armour, gathering a large and varied arsenal of weapons, and living in a fortress? :D

In a way we already have that with military and secret gov't offices brain washing or deleting memories of soldiers or professional killers. It's also my understanding that Hitler created a form of Meth, and used it on his soldiers... thus the reason many were amped up, angry, and morbid in torture. So, I don't think you're too unrealistic in thought path!