Of Course!

haha. greatness.

my friend and i have had many discussions as to whom we would save, or the persons in our lives we think would survive. there are definitely certain people i would want around me. i'm not going to deal with anyone who feels the need to scream and swing a bat at a zombie in the style of shelley duvall toward jack nicholson in the shining. NOT HAVING THAT.


still working out a few kinks to the plan. but at least it's fun!

gypsysoul gypsysoul
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2007

The undead have already begun their infestation..........about 6 years ago in Washington DC

Yeah, its great fun to think about as well as talk about!! I currently work security, grave yard at that, at our local mall.. How, being an avid zombie fan, how can you NOT think of how you would secure that place up incase of an attack!! All the places you would go and how you would do it! Its fun, though I dont talk about it to just anyone or they would think I lost it.

So if not baseball bats, you're more from the sawn-off shotgun approach to both the zombies and the people you didn't want hanging about affecting your chances of survival? ;D