Half-Life 2 Taught Me Well

When headcrabs start showing up, I will go buy a semi-auto shotgun, a flashlight, a zero-point energy field manipulator and a lot of circular sawblades. Then I will proceed to position myself near my front door, pour a lot of kerosene on the ground in front of it, and stand with a box of matches in my hand. Burn, baby. Burn. After the kerosene's all used up, only then will I resort to conventional weaponry. Muahaha.
Christabel Christabel
18-21, F
4 Responses Jul 27, 2007

Maybe you could build some of Father Gregory traps too =)

Hurray! Then I shall spread my methods to everyone I know! The stores won't know why they've sold out of flammables and explosives... until the owners and employees all turn into zombies and come attacking... then they'll find out firsthand! XD

So far, of all the zombie preparedness stories, I rank you as most likely to survive :D

If I knew where to pick up a zero point energy field manipulator, I would have lots of fun with it- zombies or not :)