Good Heavens!

I really have no time for that kind of nonsense!!! There's no (I mean NO) possibilities that such an absurd thing as 'Zombie' could exist! (At least not this side of Atlantic!)
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Sorry, sweetie! :)

I didn't even notice GuardianBlack. There is some significant percentage of people with Toxoplasmosis. From cat dookie. They're potentially attributing some fits of paranoia to that little bastard parasite.

Females. Why bother joining this if you just want to let people know how BIG your brain is? Super smarts right? So, with your IQ rivaling the nearest cup of yogurt I am sure you set out exploring the effects Morgellons Disease and chronic paranoia? Maybe coupled with rabies or something not-too far off? You thought of all that first right? Then you also thought about the fact that Zombies eat brains to satiate their own pain at being the animated inanimate. Hmmm well in that case....I have no room to talk. When Zombies go down have fun ******** your pants at home while the government cleanses your area....thermo-nuclear warheads anyone? Peace n' Love


Actually recent scientific discoveries have shown that there are a number of zombie-like creatures. For example, the parasite toxoplasma gondi has been shown to drive the mice it infects to cats to be eaten. It is currently being studied to see if it has any effects on the humans it infects.<br />
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Discover had an interesting collection of real-life zombie-like creatures:<br /><br />
<br />
It would not be too much of a stretch to envision some infection that slowed down thinking and made people more aggressive. Or insanely hungry as some rare infections do. No- it is not "the dead coming back to life" but the result would be close. <br />
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I have seen (and done) too many things that were considered implausible to let something like that keep me from enjoying a story.

PS. Dear GuardianBlack, I really like Your comment. But talking about more 'important' themes... there's enough really interesting comments and much wiser people than me are commenting there. I really do not look down on the people of this group...I just am curious, how it is possible to take seriously some really absurd things like zombies, werevolves, vampires... I'd like to believe also in something like that, but my sense just keeps me telling: "Not plausible, not plausible!.." <br />
And I always have a time to COMMENT, but maybe so much time to be worried about the possible attack of 'Living Dead' Cheers and have a nice day!

I like SciFi very much. But my problem with it is that I am very demanding. SciFi must be plausible. Classical SciFi writers had also knowledge in science, physics, astronomy... <br />
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Yes, I've seen the "Night of the Living Dead" (old and new version) and I didn't like it. I like for example the old "Them!" But "Plan 9 From Outer Space" again I didn't like, it was very badly made.<br />
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US military uses zombies? (Thank you for the good joke, I laughed alot about that one!) But I believe that US Army (or USN, USAF, USMC) have no resources for that kind of ridiculous nonsense. <br />
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Zombies took over Washington DC? In that case more likely the administration is a VICTIM of zombies (brains are eaten off). I don't know about the new administration, but the old one was a bit weird really (how can I take seriously a president, who believes in speaking snake? (Creativity theorie and all the Eden story of the Old Testament)

Aww... so cute. You don't have time for "that" nonsense and yet have time to come over and let us all know we are wasting our time. It is kind of you to take the time from your busy day and let us know that zombie safety is no where near as important as letting the world know what kind of soda you would be.<br />
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Of course, you are also overlooking the concept that problem solving and brainstorming (even for possibly silly problems) are excellent for cognitive exercise. Or that people might enjoy the social allegories told by many zombie stories, and are using this as a means of expressing that interest.<br />
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But you go ahead and look down on others that enjoy the group. If it makes you feel better or superior. We all know the loudmouth arrogant one gets what they deserve before the end of the story.

They've already taken over Washington DC.

No No No. It's the U.S. military. They want to use the zombies as a weapon. Have you not watched Return of The Living Dead 2??

If you like Sci Fi you might like Christopher Moore. He is very whimsicle. Kind of like Douglas Adams. Very silly, laugh out type stuff. <BR>Do you like Heinlein? He is one of my favorite authors.

As I said, darling, I really do not have a time for that kind of nonsense. I bought myself yesterday 2 books, ´a 600+ pages and I'd rather read those ("1000 Dessous" by Gilles Neret and "History of Girlie Magazines".) But if I need something more intelligent, I read some Asimov, Arthur C Clark or Clifford D Simak

Ummm hmmm Well, Hmmm ya, but you never know. Maybe some radio active satellite will crash and re-animate all the dead people. Then they will want to suck our brains out.... Have you ever read Christopher Moore's "Stupidest Angel?" He has a plausible scenario for Zombie attack...

there's some logical mistakes about those so called 'zombies' what doesn't make sense. OK, if 'zombies' are walking evil dead corpses, then why do they eat? Dead organisme doesn't have digestion, so they doesn't have also metabolism and so they doesn't need also nutrition. There doesn't exist something like 'zombies', like there's no werewolves or vampires... Bloody rubbish really!

OMG!! Good thing I never really used mine for much.

Oh Dear! I see now... and they've already eaten some of your brains!

ill be ready thats for sure. i dont want them eating my brains!

You have fallen pray to the Zombie's propaganda machine! The exsist everywhere....