Do Your Worst, Deadheads!

Ok, I totally have a plan.  First of all, I live on a mountain with no very close neighbors and am surrounded by dense woods on three sides.  Also, there is a double fence...a tall chain link but also a big redwood fence so they can't see in.  Check.

I can fairly easily block off the only driveway up to the house. Check.

There's a river over the mountain, but I live in a pretty wet state, so much so that if it didn't rain often enough I could easily make a solar still.  There is also a well in the basement, although I'm not sure about the purity of the water. Check.

There are lots of wild edibles in the woods behind, including a big veggie garden and tons of animals.  Of course, the zombies might take a toll on the animals...

I have firearms.  From my grandpa.  He liked to hunt and I inherited them, so I'm one of the best-armed passivists you've ever met, and my dad made sure I knew what to do with a weapon.  Very check.

We have a reasonably sophisticated alarms system should we still have elecricity...depending on the scope of the outbreak, of course...double paned windows, sturdy brick 7000 ft square house.

So!  If you are a useful type and need a place to stay with the next outbreak, c'mon over!  Just don't show up bitten, I'll blow your head off.

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12 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Uhggggg Bwainns

I would love to visit.... but I do not have car... i do not even have a driver license...<br />
If I would go there I would be totally trapped.....<br />
I could take with me some Nicolas Feuillatte and some red wine..... and let Venece to take care of the cooking....... while I talk to you near the fireplace....

Absolutely. Firearms are awesome but should be used sparingly, only for when it's needed. Swords are perfect!!

Sounds like you have a pretty sweet set up there...if you need another person to swing a sword for quick zombie decapitations..let me know :)

C'mon over, biker. Heck, we even have a pastry chef.

I got 3 sniper rifles i can bring over, plus 14 other firearms, if you want to borrow them.

Dude, just come move in now. You can't even wait for the first sign of outbreak....stay there and you might as well pour a little chipotle sauce on your knees and call yourself dinner.

I'm so screwed. I live about 100 yards from a really big cemetary WITH a very large mausoleum. And then there are two more cemetaries about a mile and a half down the road. Double screwed. Ummmmm... You need a chef on the compound? I can cook just about anything, and am very handy with dressing game. I'm also a pastry chef too. Cake, anyone?

Haha you are cute! LOL

Absolutely, Tina! Come early before I block the drive! We can break into the local Home Depot and have a party while we're stocking up on barricade supplies. :)

Need your address I am so there when the f'rs dig themselves out of the ground....

You should consult Maslow's hierarchy of needs to see where such activities would rank, lol.